Hope Wissel

Promising Picks


For all of those who are wondering… YES, the pillows are available through Thirty One Gifts.  They are part of the “Promising Picks” collection.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to share this collection with my customers.  There are about 7% of Thirty One consultants nationwide who have been given this chance to share with you.

The purpose of the “Promising Picks” collection to see what products our customers would like to see in future Thirty One catalogs.  I know many of you are thinking “I thought Thirty One was purses and totes”.  The answer is YES, we are BUT we are so much more.

If you go back to the early years of Thirty One Gifts when Cindy Monroe started the company, you will see there were actually very few purses.  We were all about gift items – candles, jewelry, ceramics and more.  I love hearing how Cindy traveled to a hostess home and set up a boutique.  She brought along some shelves and products given guests a unique opportunity to shop.  It was all about sharing the AWESOME products with passion and enthusiasm.  Check out some of these Throwback Thursday pictures to see some of things offered by Thirty One Gifts in the past.

1455837_10204469503352027_1829177452786528395_n 1509022_10204469502952017_71061214767057040_n 10917354_10204469503152022_3581347999462390881_n 10922762_10204469502752012_88021750543075832_n

Would you love to see some of the Promising Picks up close?  Would you love to be one of the customers that has a say in what could be in the NEW Thirty One Gifts catalogs?  Host a party – home, catalog or fundraiser.  Be part of my VIP Customer group and get a peak at all of the Promising Picks.

Thirty One Gifts is all about the “gifts” for you, your friends, your family and your home.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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