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Time Management Ideas


Time is flying as we head to Memorial Day weekend.  Summer won’t be far behind and with it the pull of sun and fun versus working.  I know you are all thinking – take work with you, right?  Isn’t that why most of us got into direct sales?  We wanted flexible hours, we wanted to make our own schedule,and the BONUS is that we can actually work our business from anywhere.  Everyone needs a tote or thermal to go to the beach right?

We will need to be in our office for a little bit, so why not make the most of your time.  I have been collecting LOTS of tips from direct sales consultants all over the country.  Time management has always been a struggle for me.  I can easily “squirrel” and get side tracked on a new project or task.  So see what some of the top suggestions were:

  • Post reminders of what you want to do where you can see them all day.
  • Sunday night exercise: Think: what are the 2-3 key things I will accomplish this week to make it a successful week?  Have focused intention so that you stay focused.
  • Calendar Blocking.  This ensures that you don’t do anything else until the specified task is done.
  • Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it, e.g. calculate time for trivial tasks including housework.
  • Keep a large “post it note” with the priority front and center on my desk.
  • Take one day each week totally off – no phone, no email to recharge your batteries.  In theory this sounds great but I am not sure that I could do it.
  • Before going to bed, write your accomplishment list (while laying in bed) in order to plan your next day.  Ending the day on a positive note sets you up for success in the morning.
  • Stop obsessing over your email. Open it only 3 times each day – when you get into the office, after lunch, and before the close of day. Must close the email program all other times!  GUILTY!
  • “10 before 10:” 10 contacts before 10 am (live or voice mail) or 10 recognitions of team members before 10 am.  LOVE THIS!
  • Dedicating 15 minutes a day to research or read an article to help you grow your business.
  • Power Hour: 15 minute intervals of working my business – may not always be one full hour at a time.  I wish I could get into the habit of doing this.  It would help with consistency.
  • Have a general list that is the same one every day. The “to do’s” on this list are the ones that should grow your business. Do them each day before making a list.  Book, sell, recruit – as easy at that.
  • No matter how busy and urgent your day seems, spend 30 minutes to an hour with God and the work of God. He will bless and redeem the time.

So what is YOUR best tip for time management?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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