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Jamberry Nails

Good Morning….

Today’s product spotlight is on a product that I really didn’t think I would ever use.  I tried them at vendor events, I listened (half-heartedly) as people told me how wonderful they were and I even bought a sheet about 2 years ago and left it sitting in my makeup bag.

me nails

Then, I made the decision to take off my acrylic nails.  YIKES!  Naked nails especially short ones are not pretty.  I was revamping my budget and decided that going to the salon was something that I was willing to give up (for the moment).  Belinda was having an online party so I joined, not thinking that I would buy anything.  Then I traveled to North Carolina to visit and she showed me just how easy they were to put on.  Now, if I cold do it, I am guessing that anyone could do it.

They weren’t perfect the first few times.  There were a few bumps and they definitely didn’t last the 2-3 weeks.  It wasn’t the product, it was ME because I was still learning how to apply them.  I really believe that there is a learning curve.

Another Facebook party  hosted by a friend. I bought the Mother’s Day kit that included their nail laquer, some tools and 3 more sheets of nail wraps.  Now I was hooked, scary but true.  The ability to do my nails at home in about 20 minutes without having to wait for them to dry – AMAZING!  Okay, I have joined the Jamberry craze.

My nails are short since I took off the acrylics and definitely weak.  The nail wraps make even my short nails look pretty.  Here are some tips that helped me:

jamberry application


So, have you tried Jamberry nails?  What are your best tips.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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