Hope Wissel

Organize Your Business Cards


I am so excited about this FREE app!  It was shared by a friend and I was curious. It is called CamCard and it is a GREAT way to organize your business cards.

Picture this, you are at a networking meeting or a vendor event or say your company’s National Conference.  You meet people and exchange business cards, right?  In the end, you have this HUGE stack (yes, I am optimistic) of business cards that you aren’t sure what you will do with.  Some of us from the “old days” may have a rolodex or a business card file.

business card holder

You file the business card by that person’s last name and then what?  If you are like me, when you think of that person you can’t find their card.  Did I file it under their company name?  Did I file it by their last name? Their first name?  Oh wait, if I filed it by their name – that would mean that I would have to remember their name, right?  UGH!

I put this app on my phone and started taking pictures of the cards that I had in my wallet, that I had recently collected at a network event.  I was able to create a category (the name of the network group) and then add them to the category.  This way, if I only remembered where I met them instead of their name, or if they sold some of my favorite products, or if I met them at National Conference, I could find them.

There are TWO ways to enter contacts:

1) you can take a picture of the card and the information is automatically entered.  With this method you have not only have an actual picture of their business card BUT if there is a picture on the card, you have that too.  This is a great way to remember the people that we connect with; or

2) you can enter the information manually.  There is room for notes, birth date, social media accounts, etc. I love these feature because I usually make notes on the back of business cards so that I remember what we talked about or their birth month for my Thirty One Birthday Club.

Did you catch that this app is FREE?  No, this is NOT a paid advertisement, I truly like this product.

I might actually get the business cards organized that are in my “box” and be able to reconnect with some people that got lost in the bottomless pit.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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