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Are you accountable for your actions in your personal and business life?

I am working through the NIV Leadership Bible and this week’s topic is Accountability.   I am a great one for working better when I am “accountable” to someone or something.  What about you?  Some would say that is the difference between a wage-earner and a business owner.

It is all a matter of perception.  Obviously as a wage-earner, you are accountable to the time clock and your employer.  I worked for others for the majority of my life.  I also had a taste of working for myself .  I prefer to work for myself – making my own hours, having control of the money that I make and the freedom to run my business my way.

So, the question is: as a business owner, what keeps you or me accountable?  Is it being totally honest with your hubby/ partner about the state of your business?  Is it reaching goals set by you and then sharing that success with the world?  Is it earning incentives awarded by the company? Is it hearing others tell you that you did a “great job”? Is it seeing the bank account grow?  Maybe it is tied to your “why”?

When it comes to accountability, what is the difference between being honest and being negative?  That is a fine line for me especially when my accountability results in not having the “expected” results.  Honesty is defined as: truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness. freedom from deceit or fraud.  Negativity is defines as:  lacking positive or affirmative qualities, such as enthusiasm, interest, or optimism.  So what happens when your truthfulness results in a lack of positive qualities?


Hubby is a wage-earner and always has been which results in him not always understanding my entrepreneurial side.  When I talk about what is not working in my business, he sees it as negativity as opposed to honesty.  Now, to give him credit, he has lived through my “adjustment disorder with depression” plus he had past bouts with depression so he is always watching for the “signs”.  Does your hubby/ partner support your business 100%?  If not, who are you accountable to in your business?

I have realized that my accountability partner needs to understand the direct sales business; they need to have traveled the road of good days and bad days; and they have worked through the struggles. Most important, they are where I will be in 5 years.  I am just putting it out there for the Universe.

Who is your accountability partner and what makes them right for you?  Share your ideas with us so that we can help others to find a business accountability partner that is right for them.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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