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Google Door Prize Slips

It is Throwback Thursday!  Just a little something for those of you who thought Thirty One was JUST purses.  This is from the early years!  I am so excited that we are moving back to our roots with Promising Picks….



Door prize slips……. do you use them?  If so, when do you use them?  What do you do with them once you have them?

Traditionally, these slips have been used to obtain information from perspective customers and hostesses at a vendor event.  You entice them with a prize.  Now, they already know that this is a way for you to get their information.  If you are diligent and work your business, chances are whether they win or not, you are going to call them.  You are going to try and build on that initial interaction in the hopes of growing the relationship and booking a party.

Some consultants use them at their home parties as a way to avoid the “dreaded” booking and recruiting conversations.  I know Consultants that NEVER ask guests to book a party at a party. They believe that people are there to enjoy, not be solicited to book their own party PLUS people don’t have their calendar.  Okay, now I know there are a lot of people that will disagree with this BUT it works for these consultants.  Follow-up is the key to their success.

Some use the slips as a drawing for a door prize at their home party.  The results are always the same, you are soliciting information from the guests in the hopes of booking, recruiting or selling to them.  Now you have additional information that will help you when you follow-up with them.

So, what about an online party or a Facebook event, what do you do?  You don’t want to miss out on these contacts.  What if people are invited but don’t order?  You either miss the connection or you are left to connect on Facebook, right?  I wish I could remember where I heard this great idea (probably another amazing idea from Melissa Fietsam) BUT it is AWESOME.  Use Google docs to create a Facebook Door Prize Slip.

Click HERE if you want to see the one that I used at my last Facebook party.  As each person RSVPed, I sent them the form.  It gave me so much information.  I got to find out about their interests – kids, products, shopping, booking a party, fundraising and even joining my team.  It helped when setting up my party to focus on those products.  Just like when you hostess coach and prep for a home party.  Genius, right?

I am going to create an “Enter My Drawing” google form for my VIP Customer group and on my business page.  Every month, I will post it so that visitors can enter the drawing to win.  WHY?  Just because a person says “not on your life” this month, next month may be a totally different story.  Each month, they have a chance to win.  Let them share the form with friends so they get extra entries. A win-win for everyone – they win a prize and you get more contacts.  I will also add it to my round of blogging every month with a picture of the prize!  A GREAT way to expand your circle of contacts, right?

What is your best tip for online and Facebook parties?  Share it with us

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

2 thoughts on “Google Door Prize Slips”

    1. I have a team page, a VIP group and a business page. My business page was designed to let everyone know about my Thirty One business. I post Thirty One stuff but also other things that will keep them coming back to check it out. I share my business without selling. As a result, people get to know me and have placed orders with me. My VIP group is just for my hostess and customers. This is for promotions, contests, special sales, selling of unused customer specials, etc. I hope that helps. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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