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Finding Your Potential Customers

end of the month

Happy LAST day of JUNE!  This is the first time in a LONG time that I am still crunching numbers on the last day.  My personal sales goal reached but team sales are a little shaky.  Blogging, then off to work my business which brings me to the topic today of “Do You know YOUR Customers?”.

I have been a chronic people pleaser all of my life. This double edged sword (blessing and curse) is how I have approached my business.   Of course I truly believe that Thirty One has a solution for everyone but I am learning how to reach customers that really want or need my products.  Some would call it “niche” selling while others would just say “I know my customers”.

In direct sales, I heard that you cast your net wide without judgement to find your customers, hostess and team members.  Don’t get me wrong, I still pass out cards and catalogs to people I meet to share my business.  I still cast the net BUT the difference is the net is cast in places where I will connect with people who will be open to hearing what I have to say.  You need to be able to “let go” (yes, I did start humming the song) when people say “no” or refuse your information but as a recovering peoplepleaser, that is not easy.

As a part of several Facebook networking groups, I am learning the importance of knowing my customers, specifically new potential customers.  Yes, I have heard it before.  The difference is this time, I was ready to listen.

Do you know what your customer or hostess look like?  

When we start in direct sales, the excitement is contagious.  We share with everyone we know.  Those that know us and love us want to support us so they buy our product.  They find something so they can help.  Fast forward to year 2 or even year 4 – who are your customers now?

What do they look like?  What is their age range?  What is their life like?  Who do you enjoy working with?  Who are the people who find the most value from your products and as a result will refer business/ customers to you?  Who are your favorite type of hostess?  Are you more successful with home parties, catalog parties, online/ Facebook 0r fundraising?

If your business is rocking, don’t fix what isn’t broken.  But I would be curious to know if your customers/ hostess fall into a common profile.  If you are struggling with booking parties, then maybe give this a try.  I was shocked – my profiles have come similarities and some differences for potential customers, hostess and the sponsors for my “giving back” programs or fundraisers.

Many of us are on social media, right?  When you know the profile of your potentials you can say what you do, share who you are, and connect with them via posts or displays that target their profile.  That’s where the magic happens. That’s how we get to do the work that we feel inspired to do – the work that moves us, challenges us, and allows us to serve those who we can serve best, while also paying the bills and making a living doing something we love.  Isn’t that all we want?

Maybe it is connecting to your emotional why and being able to share it with others in a heart filled manner.  Maybe it is the common threads of your life – mom, kids, work, etc.  Maybe it is someone who just needs a friend.  Whatever your potential looks like, when you know who they are, you being to look for them, and then you will begin to attract them.

So who are YOUR customers?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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