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Do you pinch yourself off?

My immediate response was “What do you mean”?  Why would I pinch myself off from anything? I read an article where the writer explained her thoughts on this subject:

If I didn’t stand up publicly for what I truly believed in, no matter how much I talked about it behind the scenes, I would never be able to fulfill my own burning desire to help enough women to live lives they dream of.

By standing in the shadows, and feeling more comfortable being the voice for someone else or staying silent about my beliefs, I had essentially pinched myself off from my big dream.

WOW!  Did you ever think that you were “pinching” yourself off from what you really wanted?  Here are some questions to help you discover if you are limiting your ability to reach your dreams.



1) Do you put yourself and your needs last?

Okay, let’s be honest – if you are a mom, a wife, a daughter or wear any of the other many hats that women wear every day, we have done this.  Were you ever told that you were “selfish” when you put yourself first?  Guess what, you pinched yourself off.


2) Do you feel unworthy or undeserving of your greatest dreams and desires?

Have you thought it for even a moment?  We get what we believe and what we focus on. So when your self-talk and beliefs are negative, it sets off a chain that conspires against creating your own success. Yup, you pinched yourself off.

3) Do you march up to the line with your dream or goal and then pull back?

Fear will stop you in your tracks.  Yes, I am right there with you.  That inner gremlin called FEAR rears his nasty head and I back down.  I have hesitated for a moment, doubting and YUP, I have pinched myself off.  Fear, and fear of failure in particular, keeps many women from even trying.

4) Do you ignore the need to invest in yourself?

Does your money trickle away and leave you with nothing to show for it? How much money do you invest in your personal and professional growth each year?  Honestly, my response was always “it isn’t in the budget”. UGH!  As a result, there wasn’t money in the budget.  I spoke the negative and it happened.  The truth is that you need to expand and bolster your skills, abilities and awarenesses.  When I changed the mindset and started investing in ME (personally and professionally) things started to change personally and professionally.

5) Do you avoid making a plan to get where you want to go?

Do you write down your goals?  Studies show that your chances of success get significantly greater when you write them down then if you don’t.  The plan doesn’t have to be a book, it can be a simple journal entry that will keep you focused and on track.

For me, these questions were a wake up call as to why I could be missing opportunities that will support my dreams.  What about you?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, guess what you are likely pinching yourself off, holding yourself back from sharing your great gifts with the world.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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