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FAITH and Standards

2013 director gift

#tbt  – This was the Director’s Day gift at National Conference in 2013 – the year that I walked the stage to CELEBRATE my promotion as Director.  This simple charm brings back great memories and is a constant reminder when my FAITH seems to waiver.  FAITH to believe when the going gets rough. FAITH to believe even when I can’t see the road ahead.

I have FAITH that God has a plan for me and staying true to these standards will allow God’s light to shine through me.  We all have standards that we live by but sometimes, they get lost along the way.  I am asking you to join me in being accountable so that we can inspire other women to “sparkle”:


1. I Won’t Apologize for Having an Opinion

How often do you use the phrase, “I’m sorry but” or “I don’t know, but maybe” ?For many of us, old people pleasing tendencies creep up and result in the words “I’m sorry” spilling out.  I have decided that I won’t apologize for having a differing opinion.  I will verbalize my opinion instead of keeping quiet out of FEAR.  I believe I have something of value to offer.  I will have the courage to speak up and not after apologizing for having an opinion at all.

2. I Will Be Authentic

I will be true to myself.  I won’t pretend in order to fit in.  I won’t hide my talents for fear of intimidating those around me.  I am learning who I truly am and I want to share it with others.  There will be those who don’t like me and that is okay.  How many times do you stop sharing or showing the real you out of FEAR?

3. I Will Have the Courage to Call Out Bias

I heard someone say “part of leadership is speaking out when convicted even if no one else will and when no one else may agree“.   Honestly, this is SO far out of my comfort zone since I dislike confrontation.  How many times have you decided not to rock the boat when you see clear bias?  I challenge people to make a change instead of  letting things remain status quo.  Will you take the challenge to stand up for what YOU believe in, no matter what?


4. I Will Support Other Women

I will support women-owned businesses whenever possible.  Women need other women to have their back, to help them get started, and to help them move forward.  Life is not an equal playing field yet, and if we don’t help each other whenever we can, how can we get our own noses bent out of shape when other women don’t support us?  

5. I Will Protect Other Women

I will not stoop to gossiping about the failures in other women’s personal or business life, with her children, in her previous work, or in any other aspect of her life.  I will weigh a woman on the merits of her actions, her quality of work, her integrity,  her work ethic, and her honesty.  If she is struggling, I will lend a hand.  I will remember to give a hand up and not a hand out.

I have been blessed over the last 2 years to be on the receiving end of generous women who helped me, who offered a fresh perspective, a great opportunity, and fresh hope with nothing to gain for themselves by reaching out to help me.

I want to pay it forward by helping other women along the way, won’t you join me?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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