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You’re NOT An Entrepreneur

Can you imagine hearing those words?  I have always described myself as an Entrepreneur.  I mean I had my own business.  But was I really an “artist” and not an “entrepreneur“.  Okay, I was crafty, is that what they meant by an artist?


Here is a brief conversation that was shared in the article about Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins asked a lady about her business.  He said  “Would you ever sell it? I mean, if someone offered you money right now?”  Her answer was a fast and resounding,  “No!” “Then you’re not an entrepreneur,” Tony said. “You’re an artist.”

WOW! Here it is short and sweet:

If your Work is building, selling and buying businesses, you’re an entrepreneur.

If your Work is the subject of your business—a passion for helping a particular group of people or around a particular product or subject, you’re an artist.



Maybe this is as hard a pill for you to swallow as it was for me!  You may WANT the title of Entrepreneur but the odds are, it’s not REALLY you.

This is no judgment place.  It doesn’t matter which you are – Both have their upsides and their downsides.

They say that when you understand which you and truly embrace it,  you’ll find yourself in state of flow. When we resist who we are, we are miserable.

Here is a profile of an Entrepreneur VS an Artist.

Entrepreneurs are good quitters. They know when to walk away.

Artists suck at letting go. They hold on to things long past the point of them making sense, because they care so much.

Entrepreneurs primary motivation is The Win.

Artists primary motivation is The Work.

Entrepreneurs normally have several ventures running at any given time and don’t care which one takes off.

Artists may have more than one thing going on, but all of those things will typically be focused on the same outcome.

Entrepreneurs are good leaders. They find great staff and delegate.

Artists tend to get by on passion, they find it difficult to let go of the reigns.

Entrepreneurs end game is to sell.

Artists typically haven’t thought about their end game—because they don’t consider that the game has an end.

Entrepreneurs look for funding.

Artists are horrified by the idea of giving even a small percentage of their business to someone else.

Entrepreneurs can tell you exactly what business they’d go into next.

Artists can’t imagine being in any business but the one they’re in.

Entrepreneurs will be involved in many businesses throughout their lives, often in completely unrelated industries.

Artists may be involved in different businesses—but always in the same space with the same end. Often, if given the choice, they’ll stay in the one company forever.

So which are you – an entrepreneur or artist?  I have to admit that I am an artist all the way.  I fit every characteristic to a tee.  Now that you know which you are, how will that effect how you run your business?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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