Hope Wissel

North Carolina Bound


Today’s the day….I am so excited!  Rob and I are headed to North Carolina.  It is WEDDING weekend.  I know you are all thankful,right?  Now you don’t have to hear about it anymore, right? No more using the wedding as an excuse for procrastinating in my business either, right?  I figure excuses are the result of fear.  Fear of success.  Fear of failure. September is going to be chock full of NEWNESS – new fundraisers, coaching with the amazing Brit Bolnick, and the awesome Hope Shortt. I am so ready for things to change but for this weekend, it is family and friends.  I am sure that there will be some posting on Facebook.  I am ready to share the gift of Thirty One with whoever I run into that expresses an interest.  That means leaving minis at the rest stops and with our tip at restaurants.  I even have magnets for the car that say “catalogs on board”.  Hubby figures if I have sales, book a party or recruit someone on the trip that we can write off the whole thing.  You never know, right?

Back to road trip details…. I like to travel early in the morning, you know getting up at o’dark hundred to get on the road BEFORE anyone else.  BUT things are a little different, now.  Hubby moves a little slower as a result of health issues so I adjust.  It is a process and it has only taken about a year but I think I finally get it.  Yes, I am a little slow on the uptake.

We agreed to leave no later than 8AM.  Yes, it is a compromise. I packed most of the stuff in the car yesterday and there isn’t much room left.  I am always so amazed at how much stuff we take with us.  Of course, this time in addition to the 4C green tea mix and the Taylor pork roll and whatever Belinda has requested from the house; we have all kinds of things for the wedding.  Coming home there might be some room which will be nice.  The only thing I have to add is our suitcases.  We have progressed from the filled Thirty One thermal for the road trip to the cooler – the BIG one that plugs into the outlet to run like a refrigerator.  I haven’t had to use that since we did cheering road trips.

A quick stop to Taylor Sam’s for a grab and go breakfast to give us energy for the first leg of the trip.  The goal is NOT to stop until we get on the PA Turnpike or a little later.  I drive the first and last legs of the trip; hubby covers the straight route down 81.  Our goal is to drive straight through which usually takes us about 12 hours.  It will depend on how hubby feels if that happens.  Bad backs are no good for long car rides.  I am always happy to stop in Staunton, VA since they have a great winery that we found several years ago.

I know the mindless ramblings of the mother of the bride…..YIKES!  I can’t believe that this weekend is here, we have been planning it for what seems like forever…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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