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Bouncing Back

bouncing ball

A new month.  A new start.  The summer may have thrown you a curve ball.  Maybe you were Vacation Veronica and took the summer off.  Maybe you just aren’t happy with the results of your business (or weight loss journey).  Are you ready to bounce back?  Yes, it is possible!


Here is some excerpts from a blog by the wonderful JulieAnn Jones.  As yourself this question, FIRST:

“What do I need the most right now?”

What are you major needs? Could it be: fill your calendar, get your office organized, re-do the budget, focus/clarity, recruit more team members, connect to your why again – whatever it is, identity them.  Don’t get crazy – keep it to no more than 5, less is better.  You don’t want that overwhelming feeling to continue to plague your days.


The next thing that you need to do is to take those needs and develop a simple strategy of a three-step plan.  These three things PLAN, ACTION, and RESULTS are a guarantee to get things moving again.  By creating a plan along with action  steps, you will produce the results.  It is the best way to divide and conquer the feeling of overwhelm when looking at your needs.  Here is an example  from JulieAnn’s blog:

Each plan is specific to an individual’s needs, but here is an example of how my client approached his need to know the status of his team.

The Question: “What do you need when you think of your team?”

The Need: “I want to hear how their doing, what they need and to identify how to best communicate with me so I can stay focused this week as I return back to work and have two weeks’ worth of tasks to accomplish.”

The Plan: Create a clear, concise team email.

The content of the email was still in question, so to clarify my client broke down the need even further by identifying these things:

  • What is the PURPOSE for the email
  • What is the GOAL set by sending out this email?
  • What ACTIONS are needed (including a strong call to action, i.e.; please respond back to me with your input/update by Friday at 5pm.)
  • What are the ideal RESULTS produced by sending out this email?

By the end of our call my client had a new plan and a new outlook on his journey. He stated, “Most of the overwhelmed and exhausted feelings I was having was really me just overthinking all that I had to do. Once we chunked it down and set up simple actions to take I was in immediate go mode and could clearly see how I was going to get everything done by 5pm Friday.”

Feeling overwhelmed?  Ask yourself this: “what do you need to get done with the time that you have?”.  Then  create healthy boundaries that break down into reasonable timeframes that get results.  Sounds pretty easy, right?  I know it isn’t.  If you are like me, I can easily write my needs but breaking them down into reasonable timeframes can be a problem.  And this coming from a former grant writer who won lots of grants.

Time frames are helpful when taking on large projects and allow for smaller goals to act as milestones on the journey to the big goal. By creating an A | B | C system, you are able to see a quick snapshot of what needs to happen first. For example, if you say ‘by Thursday noon I will have completed X level of paperwork,’ by looking at your timeline you can identify that your “A” priority paperwork needs to be completed first. Allowing the visual aid of marking down the completion of each smaller goal in comparison to the big goal creates an end-in-mind approach that is helpful.

So, here is your challenge this week –  to identify where you are stuck.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, put pen to paper and working through it with some strategy and a 3 part plan.  You can bounce back from any set-back, it takes determination and dedication.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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