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What’s Your Motivation

Operation Spring Child

Throwback Thursday is my first “gives” project. These 6 zipper pouches were delivered to Ocean Medical Center for the kids spending Easter in the hospital.  Filled with lots things to keep them busy and that they could share with their siblings.

That actually leads me into today’s blog..

WHAT motivates you to FOCUS on what you are doing? WHY is it important to you?

I know you are saying things like – To earn an income.  To be home with my family.  To impact the world.  To share my message.  To get out of debt.  To do meaningful work

So, here is my next question?  If that is REALLY what motivates you, why are you possibly struggling with growing your business, focusing on the things that need to be done and being consistent?  Don’t get me wrong, you are not alone.  The truth is that we really aren’t usually motivated by what we SAY we are motivated by!  I admit, I fall into this category too.

Those individuals that you know who are ROCKING their business are the ones who are SUPER CLEAR on what motivates them.  I came across a story about Sarah Kay Hoffman and her business ‘a loving spoon’ nut butter. She is passionate about healthy food, real food and nutrition. She also believe in Yumminess with a capital Y!

Sarah works a full time job, has an almost-2-year-old and STILL is cranking out weekend trade shows, doing full production of her product and media left and right. Rumor has it that you may see her on Season 8 of Shark Tank! #WOW!

What moves her to keep on? Despite fatigue, toddler momhood and even health challenges, she is ALWAYS moving forward!! She is RELENTLESS!

Here’s a clue… orphans. Yep. Sarah has a heart for orphans, for foster care adoption and it all starts at home. She and her husband fostered their little love until their recent adoption and because she has such a heart for this cause…a portion of EVERY JAR she sells goes towards orphans.

This is what keeps Sarah FIRED UP.  At the end of every month, she is thinking things like:

  • How can I make that orphan check bigger?
  • What media outlets will have the best results for my orphans?
  • Which influencers can share the story to impact the orphans?
  • How do I help more-more-more orphans?

This is different than ‘How can I make more money?’ or ‘How can I quit my job?’ or ‘How do I get to xx jars a week?’ or ‘How do I book more parties in a month?’

It is the fuel for your business.  That is where I am right now in my business… passion is to help women who are struggling especially single moms who are trying to make their life better.  See I was there – I was that single mom who fell into drug addiction who spent a few months being homeless.  With support and encouragement, I was able to turn things around.  Now I want to do the same for other women.  So what do I need to do?

Focus on THAT.

CAN it really be that simple?  The truth is that it can be that simple.  Get crystal clear on what you want to do.  Focus on what motivates you at the end of the day, the month or the year. Of course, I want to pay off credit card debt but to be honest, that is not what gets me up every morning and in my office.  What gets and keeps me in my office is my desire to bring a smile to the face of a woman who is struggling – to make her sparkle even if it is only for a moment.

Let me ask you again, what motivates you?  Is your answer different now?  Share your thoughts with us.  If you have a product that “gives back” let me know, I would love to share it with others.

Have  ThirtyOne-derful day!


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