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The benefits of Coconut Oil


Did you know that coconut oil might be the most versatile health food on the planet.  The coconut tree is considered the “tree of life” in much of Southeast Asia, India, the Philippines, and other tropical locations. And today, there are over 1,500 studies proving the health benefits of coconut oil.

That being said, it my favorite cooking oil.  I have seen it used for natural beauty treatments. I have heard the rumblings of how great “healthy coffee” is but I was skeptical.  The vision of oil in my coffee was a little more than I could handle.  I LOVE my coffee just the way it is.  I have one cup in the morning and I didn’t want anything to spoil it.


So when hubby STRONGLY suggested that I add 2 TABLESPOONS to my morning coffee to help with some health issues, I was NOT happy.

According to Dr. Oz adding coconut oil to your coffee can give you an extra boost of energy and replace dairy creamer.  Okay, so I wasn’t ready to replace my fat free french vanilla creamer but I was willing to try it.  You know what, it wasn’t bad.  I started with 1 tablespoon but grew to 2 because of the health benefits professed by so many doctors.

Here are the 3 reasons that hubby felt it was important to add it to my diet DESPITE the fact that 2 Tablespoons = 6 points on Weight Watchers.  Of course, I was more worried about how it would effect  my weight loss and maintenance.  Time will tell I guess.

Coconut oil can:

  • Prevent bone loss and Osteoporosis riskFree radicals and oxidative stress are linked to the development of osteoporosis, a metabolic disorder. According to a recent study, virgin coconut oil is effective in maintaining bone structure, and preventing bone loss in estrogen-deficient rats. The report specified virgin coconut oil due to its high polyphenols and exerts antioxidant properties.  I have already shrunk an inch on my first bone density test and didn’t want to become the incredible shrinking lady!
  • Help in Alzheimer’s Treatment and Brain Health ProtectorThere are several reports that coconut oil may be an effective natural treatment for alzheimer’s disease. Since this runs in the family, it can’t hurt, right?
  • Be a Fat Burning SupplementThe MCT’s found in coconut oil have been proven to support weight loss and help your body burn fat for energy. The truth is not all fats are created equal. Add a tablespoon a day to reap the benefits of these fatty acids that may help to reduce abdominal fat. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consumption of MCT oil leads to a greater rate of weight and fat mass loss than olive oil.  This one caught my attention BIG time.

I found lots of information online like a list of 77 Coconut Oil Uses, Coconut Oil Charms the Health Field as well as information on WebMD and Dr. Oz.  Yes, hubby is a devoted fan of Dr. Oz.  So despite the fact that I may need to exceed my daily point allowance and use my weekly points on Weight Watchers – I will be using coconut oil in my coffee.

Who else does this?  Share your best recipes for coffee.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

2 thoughts on “The benefits of Coconut Oil”

  1. Hope I am with you! I bought the organic coconut oil after I read all the benefits along with the flour I use instead of whole wheat flour. It took me a few weeks to actually put it in my coffee. I have used it on my face and also in my hair. Along with lemons and cucumbers in my water! I use 1 tbsp in my coffee I will now change it to 2!

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