Hope Wissel

Celebrate Business Women’s Day


Today is Business Women’s Day.  It recognizes the value and contribution of women in the business world.

It’s roots go back to the late 1940s.  While men were off fighting World War II, women filled the void in the workforce. The returning soldiers found the women eager to have their men return. But, many women were not anxious to return to traditional roles in the home.  Since this time, women’s role and contributions in the workforce have grown and evolved.

Are you working at a JOB that you hate?  Do you dread Monday mornings?  Do you long to stay home – maybe with the kids or maybe just making your own schedule?  Would you love an extra $300 – $600 per month? Have you ever thought of owning your own business?

Thirty One is offering an AMAZING opportunity for new consultants during the busiest selling season of the year….

#1 The Enrollment kit awaits! You get over $400 in product (plus all the order forms, catalogs, and more to get started) for just $99.

fall enrollment kit

#2 – This is where it gets REALLY exciting… Host your launch party and enter $600 the first 30 days, you’re also going to earn your 1st Start Swell! You get to choose ONE kit when you submit $600 in your first 30 days. Which one do YOU want?! And in your first 4 months, you have a chance to earn FOUR of these kits!

Start Swell - Fall 2015

Now if you have $1,000 in your first 30 days, you will get a bonus $100 PLUS your regular commission of $250 PLUS the StartSwell kit.  Duplicate it every month for the first 4 months and you will receive a $250 gift card. Yes, that is on top of everything else.


#3 Ask a friend to join you on your journey. If they join you in your first 4 months, and they they qualify within their Start Swell period, you earn $100 BONUS! There is no limit!!!!


Did I mention that on top of all of this you get ME and the Rays of HOPE team to help celebrate, encourage and support you on your journey.


Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you.

Here is how you can reach me:

Website: www.partywithHope.com

Facebook: Hope’s Thirty One Gift Closet

Email: HopeWs31@gmail.com

Ladies, have a ThirtyOne-derful Business Women’s Day!

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