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Need a Cleaning Solution


TGIF!! Yes, it is Friday.  I am sure many are counting down the hours till they get out of work, right?  With some awesome weather predicted at the Jersey Shore, I am sure you have lots of things planned that will keep you out and about.  For some, cleaning the house including picking up the kids toys will be on the list.  I am long past the lego stage of life BUT I do know some of you are still there.  We didn’t have legos at our house, it was Polly Pockets and Barbies.  Of course, my daughter’s room was never quite this neat.


A friend and fellow blogger, Vanessa Coppes, had the opportunity to be on The Chew last week and shared a GREAT tip for cleaning up the legos (or anything small that gets lost in the vacuum).  Click HERE to see the clip.


What a GREAT idea, right?  Using a stocking to collect legos with the vacuum.  She is a GENIUS!

Does your child’s room look like the picture?  Toys everywhere – from action figures to legos.

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The Oh Snap bins are great for those little things all over the house.  The “snap” loop lets you hang them on rods or on a hook in the closet.  I love that our products are so versatile.  So you may buy it for one use and then you can also use it to hold your bottle of water or phone when you are out at those fall games.


Thirty One’s large utility tote is another great solution.  Not only is it sturdy enough to hold all of those toys but when you add a lid, it can be used to tote those toys.  This tote can be transformed as your child grows up.  It is great for for sporting equipment.  How about keeping the trunk of the car clean.  Grocery shopping for you instead of all of those plastic bags.


What would you use one of these products for?  How could they make your life just a little bit easier?

Struggling to find a solution for an organizing problem at home, the office, your car or even your purse.  Let me help you find the solution.  Contact me below:

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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