Hope Wissel

Celebrating Teachers

teacher gift 2

When you think of a teacher, who is the first person that comes to mind?  Maybe it is your favorite teacher in school?  Maybe it is your boss? Maybe it is a colleague from work? Maybe is a fellow leader?  Or maybe it is your upline in your direct sales business?

The definition of “teacher” is a person who passes on information or skill.  Such a basic definition but it defines so many people in our lives.  Our parents are our first teachers.  Lovingly they share their beliefs and values with us.  Then we move onto school where for 12 years of our lives, we are shaped by those who have been hired to teach us about reading, writing and arithmetic. Yes, I am showing my age!  Some of us move on to college where we learn about the field in which we want to work.  Teachers are vital to our growth as a person.  We never stop learning – even if we don’t always recognize it as a “teachable moment”.

We move into adulthood and we become the teacher.  We share our strengths, hopes and experiences with others to help them reach for their dreams. Honestly, I don’t think I realized the importance of that teachers played in my life until I had my daughter.  As she traveled through school, I saw the good, the bad and yes, the ugly of teachers and the impact that it had on her life.  I looked back on the teachers that made a difference for me – the ones who encouraged me, who saw something in me even when I didn’t see it, and those who squashed my dreams with one word.  I am grateful for all of the teachers in my life – my parents, my school teachers, my bosses, my co-workers and now my Thirty One sisters.

So, whoever the teacher is in YOUR life, let’s celebrate them.  Here are some ways to celebrate those teachers us as who continue to teach us everyday:

  • Write a note and thank them for all that they have taught you.
  • Post on their Facebook page “how awesome they are”.
  • Buy their favorite drink and surprise them.
  • Take them to lunch (or breakfast)
  • Make a video and send to them letting them know how much they mean to you
  • Bake a sweet treat and deliver it to them

teacher top top

I am sure you can think of a few ways to celebrate your favorite teacher.  A simple act of kindness, a small gesture can make a difference in the life of someone.  What will you do today to THANK your teacher?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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