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Your Beauty Bag Must Haves

Thank you for these tips….

I will admit that I am not a BIG makeup kind of gal.  My go to is a little bit of bronzer from and mascara on a daily basis.  I was excited to find these tops on what EVERY beauty bag should have and even more excited when I realized that I actually have them in my go to bag.

I love the idea that there is an essentials bag that you can pick up and take on a moment’s notice.  Perfect for popping into my work bag or in the car, perfect for after the gym or when I just need a little touch up.

Here are my beauty bag essentials:

1. SPF 50
If you haven’t gotten on the SPF bandwagon then I’m urging you to please make this a priority. This one of those times when vanity is actually a good thing. Protect your skin from wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation (as well as skin cancer) by applying SPF, EVERY DAY!

2. Translucent powder/ Bronzer
This one definitely comes in handy for the summertime. I love a dewy look, but dewy can go from glowing to dripping in a matter of minutes. A light touch of  powder can literally save your face from all off.

3. Powder Brush
You can’t pack your powder without a powder brush. These big soft brushes are my favorite, perfect for blending and buffing.

4. Mascara
No beauty bag is complete without a mascara, lets be real.

How about YOU, what are you MUST haves when you are out all day?  I keep all mine in a Thirty One mini zipper pouch.  I love the size of it because it has room for all of my essentials AND I can personalize it!

mini zipper pouch

Share your best travel tips and where you like to go….

Have ThirtyOne-derful day!

1 thought on “Your Beauty Bag Must Haves”

  1. I don’t always wear a lot of makeup, either. When I wear them, mascara & eyeliner are put on at home and not retouched during the day. I will also use a lip liner and must say I LOVE the Younique lip liner I got from Rose Castro! It’s soft and goes on perfectly. I put the liner on at home also and it stays in place and holds any lipstick I use. Lipstick is the primary beauty product I carry with me. Others include a lip balm and hand cream.

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