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Giving of Myself so others smile

Fundraisers are an AWESOME way to build relationships.  My “WHY” is to make a difference in the lives of others.  So what better way to do that than with a fundraiser.

No matter what the cause, fundraising is a great way to not only step out of your comfort zone but also to broaden your circle of customers AND build relationships.

You are going to make contacts with any fundraiser.  You are probably donating your commission in some form – either all of it or a portion of it.  Whatever it is, don’t get greedy.  I know, you are saying “How can I be greedy if I am giving them all of my commission?”  The  truth is that you will receive some perks as a result of this fundraiser – it may be free products, it may be a bonus or it could simply be the hostess benefits.  I mean let’s be honest, how many of you feel like you deserve something for all of your time and effort?

First, I applaud you for donating to the cause.  You are AWESOME for helping out others in need.

sparkle awesome

I know, you are still wondering how you are being greedy, right?  You’re entitled to keep all of the benefits for yourself, right?  Yes, you incurred costs for printing, etc.  Yes, you put the packets together.  Yes, you have to enter all of the orders into the computer.  Yes, you have to bag them and deliver them (if they are not direct shipped).  You deserve something, right?

Now, think about the organizer of the fundraiser.  The person who works tirelessly for the organization (group, family, etc).  Maybe she really wants something from the hostess package – something that she couldn’t get by placing an order.

What greater relationship builder than to let her scoop up that item?  Not only will you make a lasting impression BUT you will also make a difference in her life.  Who do you think she will refer when someone is looking for your product?  YOU!  Who do you think she will think of every time she uses the product? YOU!  

What better advertising is there than word of mouth, right?  They will share your name like wild fire.  It will be contagious!  What is better for your business – inventory lying around or you name being spread all over the community?

So, treat your organizer just like you would a hostess.  Work with her, make exceptions if you must.   Guess what?   It WILL make a difference in the way the fundraiser goes and the way she feels about you.  If she likes you, don’t you think there is a good likelihood of her doing another fundraiser with you and the chance of her referring you to someone else.

THAT is what’s important!

Then all of the people who participated in the fundraiser – treat them like customers, not just fundraiser peeps.  Someone buying from a fundraiser could be your next customer, hostess or even team member.

Building relationships with the fundraising organizers is SO important because this is a way for you to get your name out there.

Interested in knowing more about fundraising opportunities, Or, are you ready to join in the fun and raise some much needed money? Fill out a questionnaire so we can start planning your event:

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