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The NEW Weight Watchers


It has been a busy week filled with vendor events, part-time JOB, working on some preliminaries for the NEW part-time position, and finishing up Christmas shopping.  In just 4 days, the girls will be here and I will be officially taking some time off to enjoy the holidays.  Okay, so maybe I will sneak in some work but there will definitely NOT be set office hours.

It has been a LONG time since I talked about my weight loss journey.  I have been stuck for months – okay, maybe a year.  The number on the scale has slowly crept away from my goal weight.  I have blamed it on health issues and just about anything else that I could find to blame.  The truth is that I lost sight of my goal.  I refused to take responsibility for what was happening.  Old habits crept in and I developed the “I got this” attitude.  My goal was always a lower number on the scale and a smaller clothes size.  That goal hasn’t changed BUT I want something more now.  I want the lower number, the smaller size AND I want to feel good about ME!  Can you believe that with 108 pounds gone, I still wasn’t feeling good about me?  I was still seeing the 295-pound momma.

So, I took the leap and joined Weight Watchers AGAIN!  I am about 20 pounds away from goal weight.  Not too bad but enough to be a reality check.  I was hearing a lot about the NEW program and was curious.  I joined online since life is crazy and I wasn’t sure I would get to meetings.  I joined for 1 month to see if I would really stick to it.  My goal is to be back at goal weight AND to feel good about me. No, I don’t think I will be at goal after 1 month but if I am not going to make the commitment, then I don’t want to spend the money.

I have to admit, the first day on the new program was a SMACK in the head.  I used all of my NEW daily allowance AND most of my weekly points. Day 2, I became more committed.  I watched the videos on how the program had changed.  I pre-tracked meals to see what the day would look like and if I would stay in the target range.  It hasn’t been easy.  Many of my treats and go to foods have increased in points.

I didn’t have any action steps or a plan.  I had a goal and I just “assumed” that the rest would fall into place.  Since that clearly was not working, I put some action steps into place.  I now pre-track for meals – sometimes early in the morning and sometimes the night before.  I have begun checking points BEFORE I eat something instead of after.  I will definitely be cutting back on carbs AND things with sugar.  More fruits and veggies.  More protein.  I need to add some movement into my day.  Just 15 minutes a day will help.  Baby steps.


If you are on Weight Watchers, I would LOVE to hear your best tips on the new program.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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