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You and Your Hostess – Better Together


better together

If you are in direct sales, and more importantly, in a party plan business, you know that the bulk of your business is going to be a result of your parties – home, online/catalog or Facebook.

Amazing women are going to host parties.  They are going to welcome their friends and family into their home with the expectation that they are going to buy your products.  PLUS, you are hoping that they will host a party with you and invite their friends to come back for more products.  In the midst of all of this you are hopefully building a relationship with these woman.

These ladies are going to get down and dirty with you – they are going to know how you work. You are going to help them by showing them how to have a successful party when YOU hostess coach.   They are going to learn about the business – your business (and whether it could be for them).  They are going to know the ins and outs of your hostess reward program.  Of course all of this is based on the fact that you do your job right!

So far it seems like they are doing all the work, right?  So she is expecting to be HOOKED UP!


Here is where you come in…..Picture it: she is hosting and getting her friends to buy, come to a party, join a party, sacrifice family time, etc.  Trust me she wants to be hooked up so she is getting the best bang for her buck. .

YOU are going to:

  • work your tail off to get her as many orders as you can!
  • work with her every step of the way through hostess coaching!
  • work with her to get her those spare specials, if it is possible.
  • want her to get as much as possible, for as cheap as possible.

Now, I am sure you have heard that it is not a good idea to let your guests or your hostess take those spare specials.  To be honest, this has never hurt my business.  Picture the guest who really wants the special but may not be able to afford much.  Maybe it is an either or situation.  Maybe if she spends the $35 to qualify for the special, she won’t be able to afford the special.  Wouldn’t it be better to help the guest out instead of not having a sale at all?  Listen to what your guests are saying so that you can help your hostess get it all.

It helps you out by building a relationship and loyalty especially with your hostess.  It lets her know that you listened to her wish list, her desires, her needs and what she is wanting!

Do what it takes man, so long as its legal and within your company’s guidelines!

I promise you this, when you work hard for her, she will work hard for you and she will be back. She will become very loyal and so will her friends cause she is going to talk you up!

Good customer service is SO hard to come by these days, be that GOOD customer service!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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