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The last two weeks I have felt stuck!  Stuck in a waiting game – waiting to see a specialist about health issues, waiting to move forward in my business, waiting, waiting and more waiting.  I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere and if pushing through was even worth it.  No, Negative Nelly has not taken up residence although she tried!

The wonderful Patty Lennon wrote a great article on “10 steps to Getting Unstuck” .  Being stuck is frustrating, overwhelming and just plain annoying.

In the article, Patty talked about being “stuck” in your business but I really felt that her process could be applied to life – or at least my life lately. Here are the ones that helped me the most:

1. Acknowledge you are stuck. When you are stuck your immediate reaction may be to try to push through. That doesn’t work and it will probably leave you even more stuck. Accept your stuck-ness.  I did this one day – just did NOTHING.  Okay, I colored and worked on my puzzle.  The result, I felt 90% better the next day.

2. Recognize that being stuck means resistance is coming up. Resistance is simply fear wedged deep inside of you that you are refusing to look at. By simply honoring that fear is present you will have made progress getting unstuck.  

3. Look at the fear. Take a few deep breaths and scan your body. Notice where energy seems to be bunched up. Where do you feel blocked? That is where your fear is stuck. FEAR is huge for all of us.  It can sometimes paralyze us into not moving forward even when we know it the best thing for us.

4. Allow the emotions to flow. Let your emotions carry information to you. Notice the thoughts that the emotions bring. They are here to give you information about what is going on deep inside you.  My flowing emotions usually involves tears.

5. Listen to your thoughts.  Most stuck energy or resistance is your lower self or your ego’s way of keeping you small. Are the thoughts telling you that “you can’t do this” or “you’re not good enough” ? Let them speak. Then let them know they’ve been heard but you’ve got big things to do on this planet and they don’t get to be in charge.  Don’t let those inner gremlins get the best of you.  If I have of listened to my IG, I would have closed my business permanently, climbed back in bed and fell into depression.

6. Make a plan. If you got to the place where you were feeling resistance 50% of the problem was that you weren’t allowing the emotions inside you to flow. The other 50% is likely that you didn’t have a plan. Or if you did have a plan, you didn’t make the steps small enough that you felt safe taking those steps.  My plan was simply to wait it out and not to make any rash decisions.  I stayed off social media too so that I wasn’t tempted to give my IG credibility.

7. Remember the Universe has your back. The Universe is supporting you in every step. It is responding to the energy you dedicate to your goal, not the actions. The Universe sees inside your heart. If you are showing up fully IT knows! Trust that!

Believe in yourself.

Are you still feeling


For all of Patty’s steps, check out her blog post.  What are YOUR steps for getting “unstuck” when those inner gremlins come along?  I would love to hear from you..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day


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