Hope Wissel

Is Your Cup Empty?



Happy Monday… I have to be honest, I am kind of feeling like this today.  Not my usual self.

I had an AWESOME “Better Together” event yesterday with some inspiring Thirty One consultants.  My cup is always filled when I get to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD other women who are reaching for the stars.  It inspires me to kick my business into gear.

The “dragging” me is thinking about the JOB! Yes, that part-time job that has become full-time over the last 2 months.  It looks like it is going to go on for another month – UGH!  I know that the extra money is great but money is not a carrot for me.  Crazy, right?  I realize every day how much I miss working my own business and seeing the smiles on the face of others.  So, in addition to some really important doctors’ appointments this week, I am juggling  my business, my JOB and non-profit work.

I can see how my cup will be emptied this week with little hope of getting filled if I don’t have a plan.  So, my calendar will include some time dedicated to filling my cup.

Thank you Valerie Burton for these tips on self-love and things I can do this week to fill my cup:

#1 – Let go of energy-draining situations and friendships.

The best thing I can do in your life is to fill it with loving, peaceful relationships and situations.  I have leaned this the hard way of the years.  No drama for me this week!

#2 – Give yourself permission to pursue your passion.

I am scheduling time to do work that brings me joy!  I give myself permission to follow my dream.   I am going to give myself joy as I bring a smile to the face of someone else.

#3 Know what nourishes your spirit and make sure you get plenty.

This is HUGE for me right now as I adjust to some health issues.  Since I don’t think I ever learned how to rest, I am going to spend time in prayer and with a good book. This will help to add some pep in my step.

#4 Acknowledge yourself for a job well done.

Given the crazy week that I will have, I am sure that I will forget to do this.  So, my goal is to fill my “good things that happened” block in my planner with kudos of a job well-done by ME!

#5 Talk back to your negative inner critic.

I was recently called a “gremlin slayer” and that title is more precious to me than many I have received over the years.  It means that I am ready to STOMP out the negatives and embrace the positives so that I can live abundantly.  What about you?

#6 Be patient and kind.

Patience is not one of my strong points.  I have those traits when it comes to others but rarely with myself.  I am practicing patience with myself as I change and grow.  I am learning to be kind to myself as I persevere

Join me in keeping our cups full as well give to others so freely, let’s give to ourselves FIRST.

I challenge to you this week (I’m going to do it too)

Do something loving for yourself. Practice a random act of kindness and love towards someone else.

Don’t let yourself go until there’s nothing left. Pouring out for others is great, but don’t forget to fill the cup for you.

Let’s make this our Monday:

monday morning

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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