Hope Wissel

Are You Lost?


No, this is not a Negative Nellie post.  The truth is that sometimes people get lost.  They are confused about their purpose in this world, or they have get lost in a relationship or life passes them by or they have life challenges (this is me).  Maybe they want to change and they just don’t know how.  Maybe they want the life that they have always dreamed of but don’t know what steps to take.

Health issues have caused me to feel “lost” the last few months.  If you are feeling like me, for whatever reason, know that you are NOT alone. There is a way to find yourself.  Here are some great tips from Steven Aitchison’s blog

1. Tune into the message.

Being lost is like a messenger bringing you an urgent message.  You need to tune to the feelings by sitting quietly and just listen for the message.  Listen to your heart and then follow the signs of the Universe.  Maybe it is a physical sign, or a random thought, or a chance meeting with someone who inspires you.  Simply be open to receiving the message.  Believe it or not, with that simple step doors will open, opportunities will come, and feeling ‘lost’ will quickly be a distant memory.

2. Take “inspired” action.

Isn’t insanity repeating the same thing and expecting different results? So why not do something different – simply respond to the messages and ideas you receive on a daily basis. Go with the flow of life.

I LOVE this:  If you don’t know what action to take, do the thing that you are avoiding the most right now.  Avoidance is a powerful energy and it usually means there is something big waiting for you on the other side.

3. Follow your passion.

You have a passion for something, right?  When you do things you enjoy, you create energy that will change your life.  Passion is powerful and when you follow your passion, you find your purpose. Being lost is no longer an option when you are living your life with purpose.

4. Trust that everything can change in an instant (for the better).

The amazing thing about life is that it is always changing.  You may feel lost right now, but in an instant things can change for the better if you believe it to be true.  It’s the Law of Attraction – you get what you keep talking about. So when you believe that things can and will change, they will.

5. Upgrade your mindset.

We all have limiting beliefs – those inner gremlins we have collected over the years that aren’t serving us.  They need to be SQUASHED so that you CAN create the life you want and that you are worthy of living.  The beliefs you have about yourself, your life, and the world all contribute to your current experiences. So if your current life is less than you desire, it’s time to change your mindset.  It doesn’t matter what method you use (there are ALOT out there) but you have to create a lasting change to get out of that ‘lost’ place.

Lost is something that we have all felt some time in our lives, but the best part this feeling is the relief that is waiting for you.  Remember lost is not your final destination, unless you allow it to be.


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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