Hope Wissel

Beauticontrol Extreme Hand Repair


Yes, the cold crazy days of winter have brought out the worse in my hands (an hubby’s).  I am happy to say that it is on the counter and we are BOTH using it.  The truth is that like most people, when my hands are soft, I forget to use this AMAZING cream.  But it doesn’t take much to remind me that it needs to be a part of my daily regime.

I was to this AMAZING (yes, that is my favorite word!) about 3 years.  My hands were  chapped and rough.  So much so that during the winter months, hubby always complained when he held my hand.  I tried lotion after lotion with no success.

One cold night I joined a group of direct sales consultants for coffee.  We were getting together to share some upcoming shows and our best tips.  Who knew that at Atlanta Bread I would find a solution to my rough hand problem.

Maggie, a wonderful BeautiControl consultant, offered us hand cream while we were talking.  Of course, I was skeptical because I had tried EVERYTHING.  I put some on and when the night ended, I headed home.  Never thinking about the cream or how my hands felt.

I got home and when I went to touch hubby’s check, he stopped me.  He expected my hands to be cold and rough.  He was SHOCKED when they were soft and smooth.  He began asking lots of questions considering he knew I had gone to Atlanta Bread.

I told him about the hand cream.  His response “Did you buy some?”  When I said NO, he told me to go back and get some.  He would even buy it.

I love telling that story because to this day, Maggie and I are great friends.  It is a testimonial to how wonderful the product.

Can you tell that I LOVE this stuff?  Email Maggie (spawithmaggie@yahoo.com) if you want to know more OR just CLICK HERE and order some.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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