Hope Wissel

Dreams and Desires


Happy Monday morning!  No, I did not develop a desire or a dream to jump out of a plane!

I am part of a program called “31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart My Abundance” with Eryka Peskin.  With memory issues, I have struggled connecting to my emotional why and had trouble dreaming about the future.  Crazy, right?

A desire is that which moves you forward. There is no forward movement or growth without a desire. (Think about it!)

A desire is your motivator, your reason for getting out of bed in the morning, for making the coffee or standing on line at your coffee place, and for Making. Things. Happen.

The truth is that many of us feel like we need permission to dream or we need validation for them from family and friends.  We keep them tucked away, not sharing for FEAR of being judged.  We let our inner gremlins nibble away until those dreams become just a distant memory.

Your  dreams and desires are the underlying thing that brings a smile to your face and energizes you.  They can change during different seasons in our lives.  That was a new concept for me!

When was the last time that you thought about your dreams and desires?  If you thought about them, did you write them down?   I know, you probably dismissed your dreams as silly, right?  Something that will never happen – a dream.

Say this to yourself: “I, (insert your name), give myself permission to dream and to live an abundant life!”

How did that feel?  I know for me it was energizing.  If you still are hesitant, keep repeating it with more conviction each time!


I’m sharing some of  my dreams:

I dream of coaching other women who are struggling and getting paid for it.  I dream of having my blog produce income.  I dream of quitting my part-time JOB and having my business generate enough income to pay the bills.  I desire having someone come clean my house regularly.  I dream of paying off my credit card debt and having money in the bank.  I desire to bring a smile to others with random acts of kindness on a regular basis.  I dream of taking a vacation twice a year with hubby without worrying about finances.  

Dreams and desires should not come with “ifs” or “buts”.  They are YOURS and no one else’s.  My dreams center  around making a difference – helping other people everyday.

To regain focus on my dreams, once a month I:

1. Take a break.

I know, no time in your busy schedule for a break.  Schedule it on your calendar – some time that works for YOU.  A chance for you to get a fresh perspective on where you are and where you want to be.  My best ideas come when I take some time off whether it be an outing or a fun get-together with friends.

2. Reflect.

With your dreams and desires in mind, ask yourself these questions about the last month:

What excited you the most?

What did you learn?

Did the things that happened help to reach the kind of future I envision?


3. Be willing to make changes.

After reflecting, I need to be willing to make changes  – tweak things all with the goal of reaching my desires.  Thinking your dreams will materialize “when you retire”,  or “when the kids grow up” is no way to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  Complaining or feeling sorry for yourself brings more negative energy.  It is all about the Law of Attraction – positive thoughts bring positive things.  Are you looking for the magic wand that will give you your dreams?

Share your dreams with us.  Let’s help each other to fulfill our dreams and desires.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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