Hope Wissel

Are You Good Enough?


Do you know what day it is????  Well, if it is Hump Day – it must be WOOHOO Wednesday, right?  Today, we CELEBRATE and ENCOURAGE you to let you SPARKLE.

We all have inner gremlins.  Have you ever wondered how you can prevent that “inner gremlin” of low self-esteem from creeping in and setting up camp?  Have you ever felt like “I’m not good enough”?  Have you ever thought “I can’t do that”?  Tidbits of negative beliefs creep in every day even when we least expect it.

For some, they quickly turn it around, slamming the door on that inner gremlin.  Then others let the negative thought simmer for a moment before kicking it to the curb. Then there are some who let that negative thought of “I’m not good enough” ruin their entire day.  So where do you fall in the spectrum of stomping out this inner gremlin?

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When self-doubt creeps in here are some tips that might help:

1. Remember that “Life is perfectly imperfect”.

Strive for personal excellence instead of perfection. When we try to be perfect, we set ourself up for failure and Negative Nelly starts to creep in.  Look for a personal best that works for you and when you reach it – CELEBRATE!

2. Positive thinking is your decision.

Yes, you get to decide if you want to allow positive thinking to come to your rescue when negativity is banging on the door.  To turn things around, you must have faith, release the fear, and keep your focus on solutions. Positive thinking can improve any situation, no matter how awful it may appear.

3. Everyone makes mistakes!

Yes, EVERYONE! The real truth is that mistakes teach us and allow us to grow. Mistakes are evidence we are trying and doing the best we can.  As we learn and grow from our mistakes, we begin to see more success in our life. Success takes work and mistakes are part of that.

4. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

You’re doing the best you can.  Your light is shining, no matter how small the flame.  Think of a flower garden – every flower blooms at it’s own pace and shows it’s unique beauty. Continue reaching for the light, and much like the flower, your life will come into bloom as well.

5. You deserve your own unconditional love and forgiveness.

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”- Max Ehrmann

By letting go of bitterness, resentment and negative feelings; you can move to forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Forgiveness allows you to “love YOU no matter what”. It will lead you to more positive feelings of understanding, compassion and empathy, allowing you to embrace the experience.

6. You can’t always change things, but you can ALWAYS change the way you look at things.

This moment, this negative thought was created by a collection of past thoughts, words and actions.
The bottom line is that times can get tough – but you need to believe that you’re tougher.

When you believe you ARE good enough to create the life you desire, and you believe that YOU ARE good enough to make it through any situation. Amazing things happen.  The way you look at things suddenly change, and before you know it, your reality positively changes with it.

Now, who was it that said you’re not good enough?

Hope you have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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