Clear the Clutter

Mini Organizing Tips


Here are some quick tasks that will help you get things neat, clean, and clutter-free,

#1 Clear Off a Surface in Minutes.  Have you noticed that paper pileups in one spot – bills, school forms, and takeout menus all accumulate. Mount a pretty rack on the wall above that spot and keep it all together without cluttering the counter.


#2 Corral Loose Coupons and Store Credits.  Are you always forgetting to use coupons and store credits/ gift cards.  Keep them in one spot that’s easy to access when you’re shopping—and that spot is the car.

13083194_1043041842401634_4446719247204189267_n#3 Store Shoes Toe to Heel
Flipping one shoe leaves room to fit more pairs, so you won’t have an overflow hogging the closet floor.


#4 Start a Returns Bin.  A medium-size basket (or tote) placed next to the front door is a great place to drop library books you’ve read, tools you’ve borrowed from a neighbor, and clothing purchases you’ve changed your mind on. The visual will remind you to bring stuff back.


#5 Streamline Your Wallet.  Bogged down with store reward cards, go digital. Download the FREE CardStar app, take a photo of each card and upload it, then toss the hard copy. At the store, the bar codes can be scanned at checkout.


#6 Organize Electronic Bills.  Download the FREE FileThis app and gather all your financial docs in one spot. You will be able quickly access them anywhere. Select the institutions you want the app to collect from, enter your usernames and passwords, and your statements will download to a secure cloud.

#7 Make the Fridge More Functional.  Move condiments from the door to a lazy Susan on the middle shelf so you can find things with a quick spin. Turn the door space into a zone for grab-and-go snacks and beverages. Food on top, weightier drinks down below.


#8 Shrink the Kids’ Puzzle Collection. The pieces may be tiny, but the boxes aren’t. Diminish the bulkiness by putting puzzles into zipper-style freezer bags. Cut out the full picture from the box to store along with the pieces.


#9 Closet Time-Saver.  When you take out something out of the closet, put the empty hanger back at one end of the rod (the same end each time). Collecting them all in one spot keeps clothes neat and means never having to hunt for a hanger again.


#10 Magnetize the Little Things.  Tired of losing bobby pins, tweezers, and nail scissors in the back of a drawer or the bottom of a toiletry bag? Attach them to a magnetic strip adhered to the inside of the medicine-cabinet door.


What is your favorite mini tip for getting and staying organized?  Share it with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derul day!

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