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Planning a Road Trip?

15705487-1463317095-640x360This is it…. the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.  If you live at the Jersey shore, this is the weekend that the craziness officially starts.  The “shoobies”  arrive.

For those that aren’t traveling this weekend, maybe you are planning that summer road trip.  Whether you’re headed somewhere sunny, going camping in a national park or visiting family or friends in another city, these tips can help you save money and reduce stress while traveling the highways and country roads.

#1 Travel off-peak


Planning can help you avoid crowds on the road and at your final destinations. Hitting the road mid-week after the morning rush hour can help you get a great head start on your travels.  Sometimes, we will get a really early start and head out before rush hour traffic even starts.  Visit attractions on unpopular days of the week to avoid long lines and annoying surcharges. Many attractions and hotels charge extra fees on popular travel weekends, like holidays.

#2 Save on fuel


Whether you’re driving a motor cycle or minivan, make sure that you get a tune up before hitting the road.  This will ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.  Also, take advantage of fuel savings opportunities. Whether it is Costco or ExxonMobil or Speedway/Hess… there are a variety of discount cards.  You can also accumulate points when making purchases in their convenience stores.  Some credit cards will allow you to use your reward points for gas as well.   There are also phone apps that will tell you where the closet gas is and their price.

#3 Make it fun

A road trip is about so much more than just the destination.  Traveling with kids? Bust boredom with games like “20 Questions” and “Name that Tune.”  Plan some small detours on-the-way to see points of interest.  It is a great way to break up the trip and is easier on the driver and passengers of all ages.  Avoid typical disputes by rotating DJ duty or use Pandora on shuffle so there is a constant variety of music.  If you bring the right attitude, the old adage “getting there is half the fun,” will be true of your summer road trip.

Just a few tips and tricks so that you can hit the road headache-free this summer.  What does your family do to break up the boredom on long road trips?  Share your tips with us.

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Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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