Hope Wissel

LuLa Roe


Have you heard about pop-up parties and wondered what they are?  Have you heard about these soft AMAZING leggings but can’t seem to find them in the store?  Have you been to a vendor event where there are racks and racks of clothes and you think – “this is crazy”?  Welcome to the world of LuLa Roe.


I am a little hippy so I tend to stay away from leggings BUT when I needed a dress for hubby’s work party, I called Stacey and asked for her help.  I was skeptical.  The fabrics all seemed to be soft and clingy.  Not exactly something that this “hippy” mommy would see herself in.


I stopped by Susi’s Kloset (actually Stacey’s house) and she began pulling clothes off of the rack that she thought I would like.  Yup, I fought her every step of the way.  I had a reason why just about everything she pulled off the rack wouldn’t work.  I was desperate and wanted something that would WOW my honey.


So, she picked this gray dress (the Nicole) and I tried it on.  I liked it BUT I wanted to know what my honey thought.  So, I sent a text picture to Belinda (my fashion critic) and my honey.  Well, within seconds of honey getting the picture he said “WOW! Buy it”.  I was shocked because usually I get “it looks nice” or “if you like it”.  So, I bought it.


Now, I have gone back and bought leggings with an Azure skirt that I can wear as a shirt AND a maxi.  It could become addicting BUT they are so practical.  Easy to care for.  Easy to pack when traveling.  The maxi will make its way to National Conference in July as well as the leggings.  They make me feel pretty which is the whole reason that Stacey LOVES her business.

Want to see what this is all about?  Check out Susi’s Kloset on Facebook.  The next time you see a “pop-up” party, be sure to at least check it out so you can see how soft and wonderful the clothes are.

Have  a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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