Unclutter Your Life

Need a Break?


Do you need a break? Are you dreaming of vacation?  Every week do you long for the weekend and then it goes by so fast?

The truth is that most of us need a break to recharge BUT the real question is, “Will you take time for one?”.  I mean we have a millions reasons why we can’t stop, right?  Kids, family obligations, work and the list goes on.  We are bombarded every day with advertising that tells us how we can save time.  The newest tech gadget will save us time and keep us connected which is great or is it?  Once we find more time, do we appreciate it OR do we raise our expectations about how much we can accomplish?

Let’s be honest, when was the last time that you “saved time” and just sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee or the beauty of your surroundings?


It’s like being on a treadmill.  You start out slowly but consistently increase your speed, running faster and getting things done. But at some point, you want to get off the treadmill.

Here are a few signs it’s time to take a break.

1.You are busy, but not productive.

I feel like this more days than I care to count.  You’re doing stuff, just not the most important stuff. When someone asks you say “I’m so busy” but then you can’t seem to figure out what you got done.  If that’s you, take a break. Refocus. Restart.

2.You are irritable, even when nothing particularly stressful is happening.

Has your attitude become sour no matter what?  Is everyone always asking you “What’s wrong?”.  Guess what?  There’s something simmering beneath the surface. Maybe it is anger because a boundary has been crossed. Maybe it is resentment because you haven’t spoken up, asked for help or made a change.

3.You just accomplished a big goal.

Research shows that our energy is depleted after the accomplishment of a big goal. We are more effective at future goals when we give our minds and bodies a chance to recover so that our energy is replenished for the next big task at hand. Just finished a major project? Celebrate. Relax. Rejuvenate. Then move on to the next big thing.

4.Your body hurts.

Aches and pains are sometimes your body’s way of giving you warning signs. Don’t ignore them. Chronic back or neck pain, headaches and fatigue are just a few of the ways your body is trying to talk to you. Listen. If you don’t, there could be consequences soon.

5.You’re dreaming about work.

Are you dreaming about projects, deadlines and that pesky co-worker while you sleep?   This is a definite sign that some down time is overdue.

6.You haven’t had a break in a while.

Okay, so maybe the first 5 things don’t apply to you BUT you still need regular breaks. When was the last time you took one?  Unplugged? Took a walk?  Maybe even played hookie for a day?  If you haven’t taken a break recently! JUST DO IT!  Is taking long breaks scary?  How about just taking ten minutes every couple of hours a day of down time every week?  Maybe even a vacation or personal day just for fun time every few months?  You will be far more productive than working nonstop. And you’ll be happier, too.


My challenge to you today is
Give yourself a break. Schedule it right now!

Love to hear how you are going to take a break today or this week.  Share your thoughts with us.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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