Hope Wissel

Get Ready


Today is National Get Ready Day.  The day was first established in the mid 2000’s by the Public Health Association.   The Get Ready website has a wealth of information to help those that are interested..  There is even a coloring book that you can downloadAdobe Photoshop PDFThe campaign is encouraging individuals, families, and communities to consider what is required in the event of natural disasters, pandemic illnesses, infectious diseases, and other crisis events. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, we were always prepared for any type of crisis.


When I hear this question, I have a flashback to my days as a Girl Scout Brownie. I didn’t make it far in Girl Scouts but I always remember the saying “be prepared”.da6112a71651c8c23f7ef058c9676329

Are you prepared, whether at home or in your business?

The truth is “Be Prepared” should be your motto.  I mean who wants to be in the midst of the “craziness” when a hurricane or blizzard warning is issued.  You know what I mean, the ones who run to the store for bread, eggs, milk and maybe some batteries.  I am grateful hubby is BIG on being prepared and we are well stocked.

In your business, imagine getting a last minute call someone who wants you to be at their house in an hour for a impromptu party. Or, maybe you are at a gathering and someone asks if you have any catalogs or products to share with them?  I know, we all dream of this, right? Would you be ready? What if a team member had an emergency, could you step in to do their party? Do these thoughts make you sweat? Do you cringe thinking of the 1000 things you need to do to prep for a party?


Could you head out the door? Would your bags be packed and ready to go? Could you walk out the door after a quick change of clothes (or not) and do a home party?  Could you leave your house if the flood waters were coming – quickly?

If the answer any of these questions are a resounding NO, then you need to get it together. Batteries should be a mainstay in your home.  Candles, extra food, important papers & medications easy to grab if you needed to evacuate.  Do you have a list of all of the medications and supplements you take available?  I have one in my purse, one in my planner and one on my phone with the name of my doctors so if there was an emergency, I am ready.

As for your business, your display should always be packed. Your customer folders should be prepped with current flyers. Your hostess packets ready with all of the materials for your future hostess. I know, you are wondering how is this possible if you just had a party and your life is crazy busy, right? Honestly, my display bag is always ready. It may not be packed just so after a party but I could pick it up and go quickly. I always have extra hostess and guest packets ready just in case I use them all at a party.

Imagine this: You are out shopping, heading to the car using all of your Thirty One products. Someone stops you and asks about your bags. Will you have mini catalogs in your purse? Will you have a hostess packet in your car? Would you have product in your car if they wanted to see something? Will you remember to get their information to contact them?

First of all, if you aren’t a walking billboard with your products on a daily basis you are missing out on an AWESOME marketing opportunity.  My car is stocked with catalogs, order forms, sale flyers, pens, etc. Was it always? No but I didn’t want to NOT be prepared.

So, what do you need to do to “BE PREPARED”?  Will you be ready the next time there is an opportunity to share your business? Will you be ready when the next storm hits so you can sit home while others are scrambling?  Take time today on “Get Ready Day” to get ready.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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