Hope Wissel

What’s Your Tote Size?


Totes…. we all have them in various sizes and shapes.  The truth is they are usually at home when we are out and about, right?  I mean how many times have you stopped to the grocery store only to remember the bags are at home or maybe they are in the car but you forgot to take them into the store.  I know, I have been there – yes, this “bag lady” does occasionally forget to take her bag with her.  SHHHH!  It will be our little secret.

As we approach the holiday season, I have come up with a system to ensure the bags are in the car AND I take them in the store when I go shopping.  Once I unpack the totes, I set them by the door so they are in plain sight when I go out to the car the next time.  They are always put in my truck of the CRV.  So, how do I remember to take them with me?  On the days I am grocery shopping, I put my purse in the trunk.  Yup, I can’t go shopping without my purse, so when I open the trunk to get my purse, I pick up my totes.    Sometimes I will place them on the seat next to me.  I don’t know about you but I need to either have things written on a list OR right in front of me in order to remember them.

Thirty One has a variety of totes (and thermals) which make shopping especially grocery shopping so much easier.  Here are some tips to help you pick the one for YOU:



Let’s start with the TOP SELLER since it was first introduced – the Large Utility Tote.  The Large Utility Tote is 11.75″ High x 21.5″ Wide x 10″ deep. The structured metal frame keeps it open for bulky items and provides strength for durability. Use it to keep your closet in order, carry toys or groceries while you’re on the go, haul camping gear and so much more. It even collapses for easy storage!  AND it can be personalized!


The Deluxe Utility Tote is the next step up from the Large Utility Tote.  A popular on-the-go organizing solution, the Deluxe Utility Tote holds three paper shopping bags (does anyone use paper anymore?).  It can hold 3 Picnic Thermals, too.  These thermals are great for tailgating each holds either 3 bottles of wine or 2 six packs of beer (in cans).  Opps, I squirreled.  The Deluxe Utility Tote also has 3 pockets on the front which is great for storing smaller items. This style’s sturdy base and webbed handles make it perfect for toting to the store and back. It also has a structured wire frame at the top and collapses for easy storing.  It also holds two Essential Storage Totes! Approx. 11.75″H x 21.5″L x 12.625″D

I must admit I never traveled without either of these when grocery shopping.  Then along came the Soft Utility Tote.  Yes, I was a skeptic.  I mean how could the Soft Utility Tote compare to the Large Utility Tote.  OMG!  I fell in LOVE (well, not love at first sight – it took a few times of using it). What I love most is it looks deceiving like a small tote even could be a LARGE purse for those who “like big bags, I can not lie”.  Then BAM!  You open it up and start filling it.  I would say, it holds almost as much stuff as the Deluxe Utility Tote.  Easy to carry to the farmers market or sporting events, the Soft Utility Tote cinches shut with side ties and a snap closure. Approx. 13”H x 18.5”L x 11”D

Which tote is for you?  Do you need a tote for a weekend trip, or a teacher bag, or a tote for errands when you’re schlepping a lot of stuff around?  I love that Thirty One’s totes are multi-purpose.


So many uses for just one bag… which one is calling you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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