Hope Wissel

Erasable Pens and Markers


Happy Saturday morning!  I know it is a strange topic for my blog BUT I am in LOVE!  I have been using these pens for about a year or more, off and on.  As I get ready for the new year (yup, already planning 2017), I have turned to them more and more.

I am going to show my age here (pushing 60) but erasable pens were around awhile ago.  They claimed you could write in pen and erase your mistakes.  The truth was you made a mess.  They smeared and you usually ripped your paper.  Some of the ink came off but most of it stayed on the paper.

So, you can guess I was skeptical when a fellow consultant shared about the Fusion erasable pens.  I mean could they really work?  As everyone knows, I am a paper person when it comes to my planner and white out tape had become my new best friend.  I mean how else could I make changes in my planner without it looking like a war zone.  Liquid white out clumped and smeared making my planner look messy.  Yes, I squirreled for a moment.

I quickly ordered an assortment pack of pens and highlighters. What I found was, they are AMAZING!  The pens combine the convenience of a retractable pen with the incredible FriXion erasable gel ink.  They erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents.  The best part is they come is 7 colors – Black, blue, red, turquoise, purple, green and pink. Oh wait AND they are refillable.  71ovj3ja9fl-_sl1500_

The Pilot Frixion Light Fluorescent Ink Erasable Highlighter Pen comes in Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet.  These have made my calendar blocking so much easier.  Every Sunday, I sit down and plan out my week.  I color coordinate (or at least try) to block out the time in my planner based on the things I have to get done.  Do things change?  Yup!  The best part is when I need to change a block of time, I can simply erase it, change the color or just get rid of it totally.  No need for white out or white out tape.

I am actually getting excited about planning out 2017 in my new Passion Planner (shh, I think it is a surprise from hubby).  Color blocking will allow me to focus on tasks needing to be completed.  Oh, did I mention, I add smiley faces in the blocks to know I have accomplished the time slot as scheduled.  I know it is a crazy thing but for me, it allows me to see what I have accomplished when I am feeling like nothing is getting done.

Check out these amazing pens and let me now what you think.  I haven’t found them in the stores – only on Amazon.  So, click the links to get yours (no, I don’t get any kickback for these).

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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