Hope Wissel

Do You Want to be a Thirty One Hostess of the Month?

outoforder-momHave the holidays gotten to you?  Do you wish you could put an out-of-order sign on your head? Are you always on the run? Would you like to escape for just a few minutes? Do you laugh when friends ask you to stop by or better yet invite you to a girl’s night out?

Do you LOVE everything in the catalog and have a wish list longer than your budget?

What if you could shop from the comfort of your home? I know the internet is full of things, right? What if I could help you with gift giving ideas to eliminate some of the stress in your life? I know, what’s the catch, right?

You have seen those “surprise box” clubs where you subscribe and you never know what you are going to get. Guess what? YOU will get to pick exactly what you want each month13690807_10101555528161214_7501389367889031945_n

What is a Hostess of the Month Club?
You join a group of 6 ladies who agree to purchase a $35 order by the 13th of every month from January thru June.

Then once during the “club” period – YOU will get to earn the hostess benefits. You can decide to do NOTHING and just collect the $25 in FREE product, 1 half price item and 1 hostess exclusive. OR you can have a party – home, Facebook, online, or catalog. When you do your benefits JUMP!

What are the perks?

  1. You get a gift box on your doorstep with all your catalogs, order forms, and everything you need to get started!
  2. You get a special gift in the  box, just my way of saying THANK YOU
  3. One of the months you will be the Hostess for your group and earn all hostess benefits
  4. You will get VIP access to all Thirty-One information, specials, sales, and much more! You’ll know the goods before anyone else!

Here’s your one of the FUN HOTM box!


Are you ready to get started?
Fill out the form below and you’ll be on your way!  I will send you a WELCOME party package to get you started.

Not interested in being part of the club… that is okay. Join me in my VIP customer group on Facebook. CLICK HERE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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