Hope Wissel

The Journey


Happy Monday!  I am slowly adjusting to having weekends off and loving it.  I am enjoying going to church on Sunday so I can refresh and recharge.  I enjoy getting up early and staying in my sweats.  Retirement #2 is a little bit easier than Retirement #1 was.

This past weekend, I have been reflecting on my weight loss journey.  I realized how much it and my business journey have in common.  When I started my weight loss journey many years ago with Weight Watchers, I thought when I reached goal weight there would be a magic wand and I would never have to worry about my weight again. Yes, I do sometimes live in a fantasy world.  I reached goal weight in 2015 and within two years managed to forget most of what I learned.  No, I didn’t gain ALL of the 130 pounds back but I felt like it despite the fact it was only 25 pounds.

As I walked into Weight Watchers a little over 2 weeks ago, it was like coming home.  Familiar faces who didn’t judge where I was.  Hugs from friends who reminded me how far I had come and how well I was keeping the weight off.  No more excuses.  Time to be honest with myself (and those around me).


I DID IT!  Time  for me to take my own advice and hit the RESET button.  Weekly Weight Watcher meetings were a HUGE part of my weight loss journey.  When I hit goal weight, I thought “I got this”.  As the weight slowly crept on, I blamed health issues and wasn’t really honest with myself (or others).  I longed for the magic pill or the diagnosis of a thyroid problem to explain the weight gain. Crazy, right?

As I sat in the first meeting, I found I was there in body but not in mind. You have been there, right?  When you are half listening but the message doesn’t really sink in. Or, you are listening and at the same time checking emails and Facebook messages? Multi-tasking.  I do the same thing in my business.  Multi-tasking.  Finding reasons (okay, excuses) for why things are not working.  The truth is, when I commit 100% to listening and take action on my plan – things happen.

The scale is a great indicator of how well I have stuck to the program while a full calendar does the same in my business.  Consistency will help me to achieve my goals.  Achievements , large or small, “should” be the encouragement I need to keep moving forward, right?  The truth is, I am always looking for perfection – comparing myself and my progress to others.

When I walk into a Weight Watcher meeting room inspiration surrounds me.  The question is – will I absorb the positive or will I focus on the negative?

A sign shows Jennifer Hudson and says “I’m not perfect, I am HUMAN”. A cliche saying for some but a light bulb moment. It reminds me how I compare myself  (and my business) to others.

Let me ask you, do you have ANT?  No, I don’t mean the little critters.  It is an acronym for “automatic negative thinking”. I have them and I am sure you do, at least sometimes.  Those thoughts when things don’t go exactly as we planned.

Life is journey without a finish line!  My weight loss journey may have taken longer than others and seems like it will never end.  Honestly, it never will because when I reach goal weight again the goal will change to maintaining it.

As for my business, consistency will pay off and my calendar will be full.  Will I stop or will I maintain what I have done to keep my calendar full?  How often do we coast on our laurels when we achieve our goals?

Enjoy the journey without rushing towards the finish line.  I need to slow down and enjoy this roller coaster ride despite the fact I am NOT a fan of roller coasters. It seems like we are always rushing to something or somewhere when we need to “stop and smell the roses”.

Although our paths may be different, the journey we follow has many of the same attributes.  The key is to NOT compare your journey to others but to learn from them.  No matter what your goal or your journey is, focus on the positive aspects (large or small) and STOMP on the ANT!  Thank you for joining me in my Monday mindless ramble.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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