Unclutter Your Life

Where Do You Stand?


Did you start the New Year with a set of goals?  Do you know by week 3 of the new year, most people have already tossed their goals?  Week 3, really?  We are winding up the last few days of January and I wonder where you stand…

I will admit, I almost tossed one of my goals for the year – Thirty One’s Leadership Incentive Trip.  Why?  Well, I let doubt and fear creep in.  I wasn’t reaching it the way I thought I would.  Crazy, right?  Then the other night, I was praying for my business and to see God’s plan.  Did I wake up the next morning with lots of sales? No.  But I had a gnawing feeling before I went to bed so I went and re-worked the numbers.  See, earning the trip wasn’t all about me and what I could do…. it is about helping others to reach their goal and as a result I would reach mine.  Yes, I have read Zig Ziglar’s quote a million times and maybe it finally sunk in.zig ziglar

“Something’s got to change!” Have you said this in January? I sure have. Maybe your original New Year’s Resolution doesn’t feel right anymore.  Now, I don’t mean it seems unobtainable so you toss it, I mean maybe it is not where you want to head personally or professionally.

One of my favorite bloggers, Glynnis Whitwer said it best: “It’s usually when I’m frustrated with myself for something I’m not doing. For example, my broken-record complaints focus on the same three things: losing weight, better managing my work load, and spending more time with people I love.” Does this sound like you? I feel like she is in my head….

The problem isn’t my effort; it’s my approach. Something has to change, I mean “If you do the same things the same way, you will always get the same results”.  I did a lot of the same things in January and I expected different results.

Did you set your goals and then proceed to approach them the same way as you have in the past?  As a result, the same results.  It is not our goals which need changing, it is our approach.  YIKES!   Change is a bit out of my comfort zone. It is difficult for me, how about you?  The difference is this year, I am not willing to change my goals or my vision board or to settle.  This year, I want to reach new heights, I want to gain some financial freedom, I want to GROW in my walk with God AND I want to spend more time with my family. WOW! A lot to get done and manage at one time, right?

So I am shaking up some areas in my life, with God’s help.  I tend to ask for help ALOT, give praise for all things but I have a hard time LISTENING for answers.  Here are two ideas I’m trying which might help you too…

1. Rather than trying to manage my emails by spending more time on them, I’m unsubscribing to lists. I’m scheduling time to visit websites and blogs. I’m setting time limits on Facebook.  Emails don’t need to be answered immediately and it is okay if someone has to wait for an answer.

2. I’ve become too inwardly focused, I’ve made a list of special days, activities, and places I want to go where I can invite others to join me. Hey, I could combine reaching out to NEW customers when I am out and about, right?

As we move into February, may we re-focus and re-energize our goals as we listen to the small quiet voice which speaks new ways into old habits.  Share with us how YOU are going to do things differently in February…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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