Travel Tips

Travel Tips


We are smack dab in the middle of winter with snow and freezing cold temps.  Some are planning to escape to warmer climates for a short getaway or for longer periods of time (the lucky snowbirds).  I am working on earning a cruise for hubby and I so we will be able to head to warmer waters in September.

Here are some travel tips I found online:

1. Check for special occasions

Sometimes it can’t be helped BUT if you have any flexibility in your travel… be sure to stay away from public holidays, local elections, political conferences, or major sporting events (unless it is the reason for your trip) when selecting a destination.  Any and all of these things will affect prices, hotel availability and traffic.  In addition to more security due to the fear of a possible terrorist attack.

2. Make three copies of your itinerary & identification.

No matter where you are traveling to, make sure your emergency contacts (or next of kin) have a copy of your itinerary.  Pack one copy in your suitcase as well as the one in your purse.  You can even take a picture of it with your phone, this way you will never lose it!

3. Use accommodation providers you know and trust.

We have all heard the horror stories of those discount hotel websites, right?  If you are doing your own research for accommodations make sure you check out ALL of the reviews – the good and the bad.  Ask for references from friends and family who may have traveled to your destination. Remember pictures posted on the web can sometimes be deceiving or old.

4. Ensure you have more than one source of funds.

Okay, so I am guilty of this!  It is suggested you don’t rely on a single credit card (or debit card).  If you begin charging things out of your normal pattern, you could very well be blocked because the bank will think the card has been stolen.  Another suggestion is to notify the bank you will be traveling so they are not surprised by unusual charges.

5. Consider your arrival time in a city you have not been to before

Will it be after dark? How far out of the city centre is the airport? Make sure you arrange an airport pickup through your hotel or a local contact whenever possible.

6. Use a reliable travel agent with high standards of customer service.

We have all seen the ads for online companies to help with your travel arrangements, right?  They may be convenient to use but what happens in an emergency?  Not sure, use a travel agent who has great ratings or recommendations from friends and family.

7. Pack an extra pair of glasses and medications.

Traveling for longer than 2 weeks?  Okay, so I am jealous but the truth is you should be prepared for emergencies when it comes to your health.  If you are carrying medications, keep a copy of your prescription with you and the generic names for the drugs. You never know when you will lose a bag or the airline will lose a bag.  Keep medicines in their original, labelled containers.  I tend to put them in a pill container to make travel easier when we are going for 1 week or less.  Any longer, I always carry the bottles.  It’s alway a good idea to take enough medication for the duration of your trip plus 7 days (for emergencies).  Wear prescription glasses or contacts, keep a copy of your script with you, you never know when you may need to get an emergency pair.

8. Take a photo of your luggage with your mobile phone camera

How often have you been at baggage claim only to find a zillion black suitcases.  Of course using a Thirty One week-ender could solve the problem BUT if it isn’t an option, take a picture of your luggage.  If it goes missing you can show the picture to the baggage desk staff at the airport, making it easier to find it for you.

What is your best travel tip?  Share it with us….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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