Hope Wissel

Fact or Fiction?

Today is weigh in… yes, I am still on the roller coaster weight loss journey.  I have been blessed with a loss every week since I started back to Weight Watchers so I am praying for another one today.  Some weeks are just a little (.2 pounds = a stick of better, right?) and then some weeks it is over 1 pound.  Would I like to see the rest of the 19 pounds (to goal) go away quickly – YES!  But the truth is, it isn’t going to happen quickly and I need to practice patience.  Definitely not a strong point of mine.

I came across an article by Jena Pincott in the Huffington Post with some good tips if you are experiencing some challenges on your weight loss journey.

Let’s see what you think…

  • Does your digital scale have ONE or TWO decimal places on it?  According to a study by the University Of Utah, when participants received a weight range instead of an actual number – they lost up to 4 pounds in just 3 weeks.  Exact number participants actually gained up to a pound on an average.  Okay, so now it is the scale’s fault. (I like the fact I can blame it on the scale.. LOL)  The fuzzier the feedback, the more room to interpret the information.  The lesson: If you weigh yourself daily, even normal fluctuations could throw you off. Instead, get on the scale weekly and use a range as a goal (“I’d like to lose 5 to 10 pounds this year”).
  • The wrong milk?  Really! A study led by Mark DeBoer, MD, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Virginia, found children who drank skim or 1 percent milk gained more weight than those who drank 2 percent or whole (full-fat) milk. He points out the same link — fattier milk, lower body-mass index — has also emerged in large, long-term studies on adults.) DeBoer’s theory is milk fat, compared with other calorie sources, makes us feel fuller, longer — so we consume fewer calories overall.  The lesson: If you’re a milk drinker, try whole or 2 percent in lieu of reduced-fat milk. A large Swedish study found among normal-weight women, those who drank one or more cups a day of whole milk had a significantly lower chance of gaining weight than those who drank reduced-fat milk.  Okay, so I don’t drink milk (no dairy with the current restrictions) and I use almond milk creamer in my coffee – can I blame that?
  • You Eat At A Crowded Table – This isn’t my problem since it is only Rob and I for dinner or I am eating by myself.
    The lesson: “Sit next to slow eaters, they can help you pace your eating, not the speed eaters who eat like they grew up in a family of 12.”
  • Bulk Shopping:
    This used to be my problem but now at the end of a week, hubby always says the fridge looks empty and it is.  The pantry is stocked but I moved it to the utility room in the basement so I don’t see everything at once.  I go to it when I need stuff for dinner.  Looking at ready-to-eat multipacks makes you overindulge. Stockpiled food is consumed twice as fast as other food in the house.  The problem is simple: Bulky packages consume too much kitchen real estate; we see them every time we open the cupboard, for instance. Visibility translates into impulsivity, and, before we know it, we’re eating more than we intended. The lesson: Out of sight, out of mind. Move multi-unit packs of food out of the kitchen and into the basement, freezer, underground bunker…wherever clusters of bright labels won’t catch your eye.

The truth is I have been sticking with what works – measuring everything and tracking. I’m afraid not to because it is when I stopped the pounds slowly crept on.   Yes, I have issues IBS as a result of the MS.  Yes, I tend to retain fluid for some unknown reason.  I have been pushing myself with my Fit Bit to walk at least 5,000 steps a day.  Not the ideal for weight loss but so far it is all I can manage.

What will you blame for not losing or maintaining your ideal weight?   The miserable winter weather? What is your excuses to justify your yo-yo scale.

I would love to hear what you have to say about all of this.. Share your thought.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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