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Bingo Fun for Your Business

How many of you like to play BINGO?  Be honest, do you have your good luck charms you always take with you?  Many years ago, I started playing BINGO at home parties and then moved to events and now with the surge of Facebook Parties, it is going to be another way to hold a Facebook LIVE party.  Yes, I said LIVE.  Of course, you can do it with lots of posts BUT wouldn’t your guests like to see you and the products up close?

First, you need a hostess or maybe a Mystery Hostess party or a battle of the hostesses… In April, I am going to do a Mystery Hostess BINGO party online playing  BINGO.

If you have a hostess, then you will begin by hostess coaching her on how to get people to join her party.  I do multiple forms of invites – snail mail, VIP invites with incentives to help the hostess collect orders, email and of course, Facebook.

Then you will need a BINGO board for YOUR business… This is for Thirty One, I’m not sure who did it but  I wish I could so I could thank her.  Set up a Facebook party (an event) for a 2 to 3 day period with the actual event happening on a specific time and day.  For example, the party may run from April 3 – 5 with the event actually happening on the 4th at 8:30PM.  Just because the event is actually only for a few days doesn’t mean you can’t post some fun things leading up to it.  I don’t usually go more than a week out with a Facebook party.  When I create the event in my VIP group, it will be for one night only.

The night before the party, you post a grid of products – your BINGO board and tell your guests to pick 5 numbers, and meet back at the designated party time. Then at the designated time, you meet back on FACEBOOK to pull numbers and share about your AMAZING products.  Now the prizes don’t have to be big BUT I would encourage you to do something that adds to your personal volume increasing your sales.

This is a great way to get interaction and share about your products.  The guests are all there hoping to win but they are also learning about the products.

Yes, the guests may pick some of the same numbers.  The directions are to choose 5 numbers BUT they do not have to be in a row or column.  Do you know what they will do?

When they are told to pick any number, they will subconsciously pick items they LIKE! A total AH-HA moment! Right?  You are starting to build a relationship with potential customers to help them shop for products they like and want.

This game works for you in so many ways!!

  1. It gets people excited and interacting in your FB party or VIP group.
  2. If you post it the night before the party, you can also remind them to come back the next night to join in the fun LIVE.
  3. Each time you ‘call’ a number, you are telling them about the product.
  4. You now have a WISH LIST for your customers and guests!!


  1. Post the Bingo grid, tell them to pick 5 numbers, any number, they do not need to be in order, give them a time frame and tell them when Bingo will be played.  I am playing the next day BUT you may want to post the board and play the same day.
  2. They need to post their numbers in the comments of the post with the Bingo grid
    I remind them a little before Bingo time
  3. You can post the grid again, say let’s play Bingo!
  4. If you are just posting pictures, in the comments of the post, you can post theI ‘called’ numbers.  You can pick numbers from a hat or post random numbers.  If you are doing it LIVE, you can post an album of the products so they can see the details without going to another link.
  5. When all 5 of their numbers have been called, they post BINGO!
  6. I give away a prize – something small and I will mail it to them.

The next day, send a message to everyone who played,  and thank them. If you are playing in your VIP Group, DO NOT sell or offer anything, just reach out to say thanks.  If you are doing this as a party for a hostess, then of course, in addition to thanking them, share the link for her party.

There are so many ways to change this up to fit YOUR business.  Can’t wait to see how it works for you….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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