Angels by Hope


Over the last few months, the creative juices have been flowing.  I sincerely believe God is slowly revealing to me his plan for my life.  Mind you, I have seen it in the past – at least glimpses of it but I usually run out of fear or try to fix, manage and control things.


This time around, I am just waiting on things in his time.  At a recent craft show, I was sharing “everything angels” with a customer.  After sharing her story with me, I started thinking about all of the things I love about my angel business.  I love hearing stories from customers about how their angels have worked in their lives.  I love hearing about family members who have passed and are guarding them from above.

OTHS 2019

I opened my Etsy store Angels by Hope in June 2019.    I struggle to keep things up to date but I am trying to add new things every day.  I am creating new jewelry pieces, new ornaments and just letting the creative juices flow.

You can check out on my Facebook Page where I share more pictures as well as have a list of upcoming events.  Visit me at one of the many local craft/ vendor fairs.  I love connecting with my followers…

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