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How To Get Unstuck

We are at the end of the first “J” month.  In direct sales, June is one of those dreaded months where business can slow down.  Does it really slow down or do we loose our focus?  For those with kids, the summer means juggling activities and keeping them busy.  For others, it means nice weather so trips to the beach, barbecues and just enjoying time with friends and family.

Did you know, when you allow a summer slowdown, you are really forecasting what your business will be like in September and October?  What you do now will effect your business in 90 days…….It will be like restarting your business all over again when everyone else is gearing up for the busiest shopping time of the year.

Here is a simple three step process from one of my favorite business coaches, Julie Anne Jones. to get you unstuck.

Step 1:  Focus On What You Want

I know I am not alone because as  human beings, we naturally focus on what’s wrong and try to fix it, when things aren’t going our way.  The key to changing your mindset is you need to look for a solution instead of focusing on the problem itself.  I have talked about positive affirmations before – bringing the “good” into your universe, right?  One of the easiest ways to do it is to use these to get your mindset working for you.

Grab a sheet of paper or a journal and answer this question:

If the perfect outcome to your problem magically appeared, what would happen (be as specific as you can. Add details and remember to stay focused on what you want to happen, not on what you don’t want to happen). Doing a thorough job during this step will make the next two easier.

Step 2: Activate Gratitude

When I am feeling down or on the “pity pot”, I take a gratitude walk.  Sometimes it is outside enjoying nature but when it isn’t possible, I start writing a list.  Gratitude is the quickest, and easiest way to change your mindset from the negative to the positive. It’s hard to stay stuck when you’re focused on everything in your life you’re grateful for.

This step is fun…create a “Gratitude List” of at least five things you’re grateful for RIGHT NOW.  It can be as simple as “getting up this morning”, or having a roof over your head.  Keep writing for about 10 minutes.   See what happens when you focus on what you’re grateful for and how quickly things turn around for you.

Step 3:  Create Affirmations

Affirmations are positive “I am” statements about the outcomes you want.  You state them in the present as if they have already happened. Here are some examples:

  • I am attracting the perfect clients in my business and love helping them succeed.
  • I am making enough money to pay my bills
  • I am booking parties and love helping people get FREE products
  • I am at my goal weight and am enjoying eating healthy

Can’t wait to hear how your summer turns out…. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Words of Affirmation For My Hubby


Today’s blog is dedicated t0 my husband, with excerpts from a blog from Matthew Jacobson 

Rob said something the other night that surprised me as he was reading a survey online – “as we get older, we don’t smile as much”.  I stopped what I was doing and asked if he meant me?  You know that guilt thing was ready to kick in? He said the survey said that most people don’t smile as much as they get older… why is that?  There are days when he tries hard to make me smile and I never understood why.  I am not unhappy. I have a blessed life.  So, why don’t I smile as much or why don’t people in general as we get older.  Are we complacent in our lives?

I never realized the immense power that I have in the life of my hubby?  Affirmation to him (and most people in general) is something that they thrive on.  I began to think about how often I share my gratitude, my joy or a simple smile with him….as time goes on, it is less and less.  I figure after 13 years, he knows, right?  We all need affirmation (I know I do) – we have to have it and, oh, how we thrive with it. So here are some POSITIVE words of affirmation for my hubby….

1) Thanks for being a great husband!

2) I’m glad you’re my friend.

3) You’re a great Dad!

4) I really appreciate you.

5) You are my protector.

6) You are awesome!

7) I respect you so much.

8) You’re an excellent provider.

9) I love being with you.

10) You’re so smart.

11) You’re a hard worker.

12) When you hold me tight, I feel safe with you.

13) You’re so considerate.

14) I’ll always stand by your side.

15) I’ll go wherever you lead.

16) I love how steady and stable you are . . . makes me feel secure.

17) You are an unselfish person.

18) I want to grow old with you.

19) You’re a rock.

20 I trust your judgment.

21) Your approval means the world to me.

22) You are a thoughtful man.

23) Thank you for caring how I feel.

24) I totally trust you.

25) You inspire me to be the best I can be.

26) The hard times don’t matter – I’m with you.

27) You are a man of conviction.

28) You will always have my heart.

29) I am one blessed woman!

30) I’m always in your corner.

31) You have helped me to become a better woman.

32) Don’t think I don’t notice you putting (me) your family first.

33) God must really be looking out for me to give me a man like you!

34) Do you know how much I love you?

35) You’re a gentleman.

36) I love just being with you.

37) I’ll love you always and forever.

I may not say them a lot but I try to show him all of the time.  His efforts to make me smile made me realize just how much more I need to share these words of affirmation and more.  I need to lay “Independent Irene” down and share with him how blessed I am that we are together.

What about you?  Do you let your hubby (or wife) know just what she means to you? OR do you just “assume” that they know?  Use some of these words of affirmation or find some of your own to share with the love of your life.. SMILE a little more.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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