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Are You Killing Your Emails

Do you decide whether to read an email by the subject line?  Do you wonder how many people delete your emails before they even read them?


I was blessed with Home Office leads this month – people who wanted more information on Thirty One in the form of a catalog or the business opportunity.  As soon as I get the notification, I shoot out an email as a thank you and to let them know what will be coming in the mail.  Although, the email is a set format that gives them an overview of  four opportunities with Thirty One, I always wonder what to put in the subject line.  I mean, I want them to open the email and in an ideal world, click the attached links.

So, I started hunting for some answers and found them in a blog by Amy Porterfield  who is known for trainings in social media.  Here are her 5 basic strategies for effective email subject lines:

Strategy #1:  Focus on the Benefit

What is the end result that your reader wants most?  Answer their question:  “What’s in it for me?”

Example: “See How Easily You Can Learn to ( insert your topic)”

Strategy #2:  Be Specific

Hook them!  How, right? If we knew that, we wouldn’t need these tips, right?  Hint that there is something super valuable contained in your email.

Example: What Every [identify your target audience] Ought to Know About [something specific you will teach them]

Strategy #3: Get Relevant

Relevance means that the email is useful and has timely information. Make a reference to an upcoming event, or trend or possibly even a news item.  If you localize it to your target population or specific neighborhood, city or State, chances are they will open it.

Example: [Bring up something–a feeling, situation or new development your customer is interested in] This [your content] can help you with [upcoming event, season or timeframe].

Strategy #4: Make It Personal

This method is used more when you have a strong loyal following – NOT that new person that you are trying to “hook”.  Let your readers know that you are there to help them will entice them to open the email.

Example: “How I finally stopped (action) skipping my workouts (something your audience wants too).”

Strategy #5: Call Out a Problem

Who doesn’t want to make fewer mistakes or feel more confident?  The key to this strategy is integrity. Steer away from scare tactics—you’re here to offer constructive awareness.

Example: “Here’s How Goal-Setting (fill in the blank) Can Hurt Your Business (fill in the blank)”

So, which one of these would entice YOU to open an email:

  • See How Easily You Can Learn Simple Solutions to Everyday Challenges
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Rewarding Themselves at Little to No Cost
  • Multiple Solutions for Your Holiday Gift Giving
  • How I Regained My Confidence With This Purse Gig
  • Here’s How Purses Can Change Your Life

I have to admit, I am a bit skeptical but I am willing to give it a try.  What do you think are YOUR catchiest Email Subject lines?  Share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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