Hope Wissel

Can Your Businesses Survive A Move?

Tips to keep small businesses up and running during a moveA week of relaxing and being unplugged, left me thinking about many things.  Tops on the list was my business – crazy, right?  The slow pace of North Carolina is great for reflection but it also got me thinking whether or not my business (or yours) would survive a move to a new location.  There are many military families who have mastered transitioning to new locations…. would you be able to tough it out?

Then I thought what if I used the same simple steps in energizing my business where I am, I would use if I was moving.  So, I hunted down some ways to make moving easier but I could also use to re-energize my business.

3e6332606ee54ae595bec5c1ffa47c8f#1 – Create a plan.  The plan should include lots of lists with things to do.  This is easy for me since I am forever making lists to ensure things get done.  Outline what has to be organized, and coordinated.  Consider everything – large and small thoughts.  This is also considered a brain dump.  You know when you get everything out of your head so you can begin to put things in order.  Include a timeline whether realistic or not.  Detail every aspect and when it should happen, then share it with everyone (family, or friends) on the team.

#2 – Plan where everything will go. When moving your business to a new location you want to plan where everything will go before you get there.  If you are trying to re-energize your business, why not do the same thing.  Pull everything out of your office.  Yup, I mean everything.  Then think about what you absolutely need to run your business.  Clean up the hot mess – okay, I know I am not alone.  Don’t hesitate to toss out the things you don’t need. You wouldn’t wait until your business is at a new location to begin organizing, so why are you putting off cleaning your office now.

69b572d1830640da815a3d66610f71c0#3 – Stay productive.  Moving you business to a new location is usually done during off hours or days, right? So why would you do non-income producing activities during peak business hours?  Are your everyday documents and data in a spot where you can access them if you don’t have computer access?  Honestly, I was grateful I use Google Docs for most of my everyday items.  While we were away, I was able to still do business while I was on my phone and internet service was spotty.  10421165_992666417439177_6682368440352179781_n#4 – Moving is an opportunity to declutter.  I mentioned this before but it bares repeating.  You actual can save time and money by doing this when you move which makes the moving costs lower.  So, when re-energizing your business why not use this as an opportunity to innovate or upgrade.  Maybe replace an old, uncomfortable office chair. Clean out those desk drawers.  Put only the things that you need all of the time on your desk, in arms reach.

#5 Make a Business Announcement.  When you move, you let everyone know where you are, right?  Many os us think “everyone knows I sell ___ (fill in the blank).  The truth is what you think and the perception of others may be totally different.  Update your online profiles, including your business Facebook page, your personal LinkedIn account, your company blog and website, and all your social media accounts.  Act as if you are just starting a new business or moved, let the world know what you are doing… share but don’t sell.

So, who is ready to refresh and re-energize their business?  What are your best tips for re-energizing or moving your business?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!