Hope Wissel

April Fools Day

Happy April Fools’ Day!!! Not officially recognized as a holiday, I am sure there will be a lot of people pulling practical jokes on friends, family and colleagues so be on the look out.

Believe it or not, there are some cultures who see this as the first day of spring, celebrating with general merriment and feasting. Or maybe you are a fan of The Feast of Fools which was a term given to many medieval festivals celebrated during the fifth-sixteenth centuries in Europe. These celebrations developed a tradition of practical jokes, especially when observed in Spain.

Here in the US, many will typically shout, “April Fools!” after pulling off a prank. If you are in Europe, you would yell “April Fish,”. Why you may ask? Well, observers of this holiday typically will tack a paper fish to another’s back and then yell! However, the individual being pranked is still referred to as the “Fool.” I LOVE this…Traditional pranking often stops at midday in the United Kingdom, and if one pranks after this time, they themselves become the fool.

So, how many of you will be pulling pranks today? What is the BEST prank you ever pulled or were the recipient of? Share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

April Fool’s Day


NO, this is NOT a joke… It is just my morning blog.  Sorry to disappoint you!

My life has been a whirlwind since Friday at about 4:30AM.  My dad was rushed to the hospital with what we now know is acute bronchitis.  Of course, I had worked a late shift at WaWa and had to be back at 8AM so sleep alluded me for the rest of that morning.  After a short shift, the dash to get through the weekend began.  Although totally exhausted, hubby and I made it to the ER on Friday night to make sure that things were set for dad to be admitted to the hospital.  It took till 10:30PM from 5AM when they initially got there to secure a bed.  I didn’t stay that long because I was tired and had a busy day on Saturday.

Beacon of Hope Success Camp was Saturday outside of Phillie.  With the weather prediction of wind with rain and knowing that it was a 90 minute ride, Megan and I headed out about 6:30AM.  I was pumped to be able to spend time not only with some of my team but also with some of my other Thirty One sisters.  The “other” Hope traveled up from VA to do this boot camp that reinforced my commitment to my new party style and helped me to once again connect to my emotional why.  It was an amazing day!  Can you say, exhausted?

Sunday was church in the morning to help the count team.  I am the back up for when people are not able to do they usual week.  I love the opportunity to give back to the church that has given me so much.  Then off to party Thirty One style – where we had so many people that the party became a open house instead of a “demonstration” format.  It energized me – ending March on such a HIGH and getting the sales I needed to kick off April earning some FREE product and conference stars (which is NOW going to be FREE).  My morning started off dragging but I was energized as soon as I hit the party sharing Thirty One with some many newbies.  A quick stop to the hospital to visit Dad (I mean I had to drive by it after the party) where he sent me home quickly because I looked so tired.

Okay, so I may be rambling and I am not sure what the point was of today’s blog BUT I didn’t want to miss out on a day.  I learned something this past weekend.  I am getting a little too old (yes, I said it) to cram so much into one weekend.  It is definitely time to look at my schedule for the next month or so and make sure that I don’t do that again.  Lesson learned – I manage my schedule NOT my schedule trying to manage me.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!