Hope Wissel

Give Back Tuesday!


Yes, you are seeing a SECOND blog post in the same day!  No, it isn’t a mistake.  I just wanted to share something with you…

Thirty-One Gifts and World Vision partner to help women in need each year. Here is the story of Leyla.

Leyla lives in a small village in northwest Armenia — a region known for its harsh winters — with her three children, ages 11, 9, and 3. Her husband had to go to Russia to find work, leaving Leyla alone to look after the children. On top of that, her mother-in-law is sick in the hospital.

To help Leyla and her family, World Vision provided her and others with felting classes to learn how to work with wool. Designed to empower young women, the three-month course trains potential entrepreneurs how to use wool to make jewelry, slippers, bedding designs, and more.

At the end of the training, the women held an exhibition, and several hotel owners became interested in their beautiful products.  World Vision keeps in touch with Leyla and the other participants to continue to support their development and small businesses.

In addition, Leyla received some gifts from World Vision to help her overcome her difficulties. Through their partnership with Thirty-One Gifts — a U.S. company that sells bags to empower women — World Vision was able to provide bags and blankets to help families through the harsh winters.

Displaying one of the bags, Leyla says, “This one is also very comfortable as a school bag so I can save also on buying new school bags for my kids.”

This year, any gift given to World Vision on Giving Tuesday, December 1, will be matched with a donation of product from Thirty-One Gifts (up to $1 million total matching).

We are partnering with Thirty-One Gifts to send needed items to Syrian refugees living in Armenia. Receiving blankets will also be provided to pregnant mothers in Somalia as an incentive to give birth in clinics, which will help reduce maternal death rates in rural communities.

This is just one of Thirty One’s projects.  We also supply 150,000 filled bags to Ronald McDonald Houses across the country. These bags are given to families when they arrive to help with the necessities they may have forgotten in their haste to get their child emergency care.  Girl Talk is also one of our National Partners.

Thirty One is so much more than just a purse!  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!