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Are You Spinning Your Wheels

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Happy Monday!  Yes, I am perky on a Monday morning without an abundance of coffee. Call me crazy but I like Mondays.

I am excited to be starting an online retreat this week with the AMAZING Britt Bolnick owner of In Arms Coaching.  Each time I finish one of these virtual retreats, I am ready to kick butt in my business.  I am particularly excited about this one because we are focusing this week on: Stop Spinning Your Wheels With Mis-Aligned (or not enough!) Clients.

As a “bag” lady, I see everyone as a customer/ client.  I mean who doesn’t need a bag, right?  From purses to totes to thermals, we have them all at Thirty One.  As Thirty One returns to their “gifts” roots, the customers change a little bit.  I know that my customers have been buying gifts all along but now we have a broader base of products and with that comes a broader base of customers.  I don’t want to leave any customers behind.

Before every virtual retreat, Britt asks us pre-homework questions.  My favorite 3 are these because they really make me think about my next steps:

1. What isn’t working for you in your business right now?

For me, what is not working is the lack of a full calendar for the summer months and the a steady flow of new customers.

2. What do you want SO badly for your business or work that you’re NO LONGER willing to settle for NOT having it?

An action plan for consistent sales, parties (home or catalog/online) and new recruits that will expand my business.

3. What would the ripple effect be OF you having it? How would it affect your life, relationships, even your health?

Growing my business (increase in sales and recruits) would mean a consistent paycheck every month.  Then I could quit my part-time job. Quitting my part-time job would give me more time on the weekends for family and friends.  More time with family and friends would help me to connect with more people to share the gift of Thirty One.  The consistent income would relieve the stress of paying credit card bills.  Less stress would allow me to smile more which would make hubby happy which would help our relationship/ marriage.  In addition, less stress would allow me to focus more on maintaining my goal weight which would make me feel better.  Expanded business = happy, healthy & wealthy Hope.

I love my Thirty One business.  I love that it pays my bills every month.  I love that I get to meet new people and share the gift of Thirty One with them.  I am transparent with you when I struggle because having your own business whether a storefront or direct sales isn’t always rainbows and sunshine.  There is some rain along the way.  You need to be willing to work past that to move forward in your business.

What about you?  How would you answer these questions?  Be truthful with yourself.  You know what isn’t working in your business.  Own it so that you can figure out the best way to move past it. I would love to hear from you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!