Hope Wissel

How Many Ways Can You Use a Large Utility Tote?

Have you ever thought about it?  Do you think totes are just for the grocery store?  Or maybe you think beach bag? Or purse (okay maybe not a large utility tote)?  The truth is totes come in every shape and size, right?  If we stop to the grocery store, how many times have you forgotten the bags at home or maybe they are still in the trunk of the car…. admit it, I’m not alone, right? Yes, this “Bag Lady” does occasionally forget to take her totes with her….. SHHH!!!  It will be our little secret.

Let’s talk about Thirty One’s Large Utility Tote for a minute…. Did you know it has been the TOP SELLER (usually the #1 spot) since it was first introduced?  You may ask why?  It is just a tote… but not just any tote.  No, it doesn’t have magical powers…..

The top use is for grocery shopping….I have a simple system to ensure the totes are in the care when I head to the store. Once I unpack the totes, I set them by the door so they are in plain sight when I go out to the car the next time.  They are always put in the truck of the CRV.  So, how do I remember to take them with me?  On the days I am grocery shopping, I put my purse in the trunk.  Yup, I can’t go shopping without my purse, so when I open the trunk to get my purse, I pick up my totes.    Sometimes I will place them on the seat next to me.  I don’t know about you but I need to have things written on a list OR right in front of me in order to remember them.
Add a Double Chill Thermal to your large utility tote and you have the perfect way to keep your frozen foods solid during the hot summer months.  Okay, so most of us are battling the frigid cold right now but summer is just around the corner. This set of two water-resistant Leak Lock® thermal inserts lets you pack ice without worry, and side handles make these soft-sided cooler bags easy to carry.  Great for grocery shopping, a day at the beach or a picnic.
Everyone is into decluttering these days…. why not use a large utility tote it to keep your closet in order.  Can you imagine how many blankets you could fit in one if you used the Tidying Up method of folding???  It even collapses for easy storage!  AND it can be personalized!  Shoes all over the floor?  Why not try dividing a tote with bottle dividers from the liquor store?

Have kids in sports?  Admit it, their equipment is ALL over the trunk of the car.  There is always something that goes missing – a glove, a sock, a shirt – why not make it easy by putting a tote in the trunk JUST for sporting equipment or after school activities.  How about tailgating at all of the games/ practices this spring?   Picture-201.png    Know someone getting married?  The large utility tote is a great wedding gift…

Did I mention the BEST part of the large utility tote in February????  It is on SALE!!!  Who doesn’t love a sale right?

Why not grab TWO and split the cost with your bestie!

So many uses for just one bag… which one is calling you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Shabby Chic

This morning’s devotional on ibelieve was entitled Shabby Chic Refinishing which got me to thinking of my own transformation over the last 6 months or so.

For many of us, we define ourselves by what we do or who we are related to not by just our name.  Growing up – I was Bob & Joan’s daughter.  At college – I didn’t know who I was.  When I entered the adult work force – I was Hope – Security Supervisor or Social Worker.  For several years, I carried the title of I am Hope – a recovering addict.  Then as a mom – I was always “Belinda’s mom”.  Don’t get me wrong – I wore each of my titles or hats with pride because that is what defined me.  I was like an antique (yes I am reaching the age to be called one) that had been covered many times with paint to change its color to match the environment that it was in. When Belinda left for college, for the first year I held on to that title for security purposes.  Then I had work so there I was a COO (Chief Operating Officer) for a non-profit.  I clung to that title for about 5 years because it kept me from peeling off the layers of who Hope really was.  

When I decided that I wanted to move into leadership with my direct sales company, I began to wear a new title “bag lady”.  I was excited to be part of a group again – able to be behind the scenes but again not peeling off all of the layers that covered who I truly was.  With a lot of help, the layers have been peeled off and the rough edges are being smoothed.  See, now that I peeled off those layers, I had to let ME shine.  I am working on ME and my personal growth.  I listen to 31 minute calls that will help me to grow my business.  I listen to direct sales trainers on how to be a good leader.  I attend meetings and networking events to meet more people as well as step out of my comfort zone.  I am no longer defined by the job title I have but I am now Hope Wissel – wife, mom, daughter, business women, life/ business coach, teacher, consultant, party planner and blogger.  I wear many hats but now not just one of them defines who I am.

If you met someone on the street and they said “Hi, my name is Hope.  It is nice to meet you?”  Would your immediate response be “XX, (your child’s name) mom? Or “XX, (your hubby’s name) wife?  They are hats we where but they do not define who we are on the inside.  Peel off the layers and find out who is on the inside.  It can be a little scary but the journey is AMAZING!

Transform from the shabby chic antique covered with layers to the polished antique that shows its natural beauty.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Five Ways to be Unforgettable

Making a lasting impression is one of the best ways to be unforgettable.  Now for me, most people know me as “the bag lady” always in HOT PINK and black.  Some may add the word crazy with that while others talk about the positive experience they had when they held their home party.  I always used to say “I don’t care how they talk about me, as long as they are talking about me”.  Okay, maybe not the best thing in business but even if they are worried about what I am doing to grow my business, it means that I am making an impression.  I didn’t start out wanting to make a lasting impression or even giving it much thought, in fact, I thought most people thought I was just plain silly.    

Without even knowing it or meaning to, I have used some of these top five tips: 

  1. Maintain a positive attitude.  At vendor shows, they usually say that I am “too bubbly for the early morning”.  At parties, I love to make people smile so if I am smiling it is a little hard for them not to catch the positive waves.  I believe in and LOVE the products that I sell.  I also love sharing solutions with potential customers.  
  2. Use logic in your presentation.  I think I do this.  Basically, you want to present facts and reasons into your party presentation.  I do this by sharing the multiple uses that not only the company provides but also those I have gathered from my customers.    
  3. Tap into emotions.  This is easy to do not only for me but for my customers when they find the “perfect” solution to their organizational problem.
  4. Be concise.  or  as I would say “K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple Sweetie).  I use a basic script or outline during my parties to keep me on track so that I can keep them simple and fun.
  5. End with a creative idea that has impact or something visually powerful.  The way I deliver my parties to each hostess is the “WOW” impact that I love to share.  Each order is sorted, bagged & tied with a bow, tagged with the customer’s name, has a thank you note, and a frequent buyer card attached to their receipt from the company.  It may take me a few minutes more to do this but it is well worth the lasting impression that it makes on my hostesses and the customers that attended her party.
Are you using any of these tips to make yourself unforgettable?  The key is to truly believe in what you are presenting/ selling and put your own pitch to it.  What are some of the things that make you unforgettable.  I would love to have you share them.