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Hump Day or Workaholics Day?

Do You know what time it is?  Yes, it is Wednesday, traditionally known as “HUMP DAY” but today probably feels like a Monday since many people had a LONG weekend for the 4th of July.

There are lots of “special days” celebrated for many reasons but this was definitely a new one for me!

rtc_june_5_workaholic_fullAccording to Punchbowl which helps you plan a party from start to finish – July 5th is Workaholics Day!  By definition, a workaholic is a person who is addicted to work.  Generally it implies the person enjoys their work and they feel compelled to do it.  According to an article on Webmd, a workaholic is a life out of balance with key signs to when you are in trouble.  Does this sound like you?

  • Trouble delegating work
  • Neglecting other aspects of your life (family, special events, vacations, etc) to work
  • Incorporating other aspects of your life into work (turning a hobby into a new business)

So, if I have just described you – TODAY is dedicated to you.  It is a time for you to step back and take it easy.  Do some mindless activity you enjoy – read a book for fun, take a nap, take a walk on the beach or spend some time watching YouTube videos.  If you are the friend or family member of a workaholic, CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD them for their accomplishments today.

As for me, I am a struggling recovering workaholic.  Family and friends used to take a back seat to my job – I thought it was my calling or passion.  Now, my passion is owning my own business.   Yes, I always have a catalog with me.  Yes, I am always ready to share about the way Thirty One has changed my life.  Yes, I love every time I go to work – I get to PARTY!  The difference is now i take time to spend with hubby on his days off, or play hookie to hang out with my best friend or spend the day with my mom.  I still slack in the family time area but I am a work in progress.

I challenge you to look at your life and do a double check – do you have a healthy work-life balance?  If not, what are you ready to do about it?  Please share how you will be celebrating today

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Balance and Self-Care



It’s Friday! The FIRST official weekend of the summer, right?  The kids are out of school.  You have already heard “I’m bored” more times then you can count.  You are trying to figure out how to balance (or juggle) your business, personal commitments and enjoying life while the kids are home for the summer.

Who said that having your own business was less stress?  Did you think that once you made the decision to be a Work at Home Mom that the “work stress” would just magically disappear?  Are you wondering at times, why did I leave my JOB for this?

The problem is not your business – the problem is YOU!  You have let yourself fall into the trap of being indispensable. It is time for a CHANGE!  You need to decide that you will have a balanced life; not just wish or want it.  Take a moment and visualize what that would look like.

Imagine working your business for a few hours every day.  Imagine that once the work is done, you spend uninterrupted time with family.  Imagine that you are NOT constantly checking your email or Facebook accounts.  Imagine that you turn OFF your phone for just a few hours every day for uninterrupted family time or self-care.  How does that sound?  Like Heaven, right?

Isn’t it strange the double standards that we use when we talk about the digital world.  How many times have you yelled at the kids to put their cell phones away during dinner?  How many times do you go out to dinner and banish the digital world so you can talk to each other?  Where did our kids learn this?  Believe it or not, they are just following in your footsteps.  Think about how many times you answer the phone or check email/ Facebook when you are out with the kids.  The “this will only take a minute” turns into hours or you “hushing” them so you can talk.

I speak from experience.  I was a single mom with my own business – guilty on all counts.  At 27, my daughter will tell you “mom was always working”.   The first time she remembers me turning off my cell and NOT answering it was our first cruise.  I was at every team practice and every game/ competition.  I was the mom who shuttled kids around for busy “working moms”.  BUT I seldom turned off the digital devices and I was definitely a multi-tasking woman.  Proud of and willing to boast that I was a GREAT multi-tasker.  The truth was that I was a stressed momma who longed for balance.

Believe it or not, the BEST way to lead a balanced life is committing to SELF-CARE!  I know you are saying, when do I have time, right?

Ask yourself this, Are you taking care of yourself so that YOU will be a better employee for YOU?!  If you are like me, YOU are always on the bottom of the list.  The truth is the better I take care of myself, the more motivated I am and the more effective I am when working.  As a result, I can be present with my family.  Making sure that time for you is on the to-do list will definitely help with getting and keeping some balance in your life.

Women are the core of the family; we cannot fully give to our family and our business if we do not take proper care of ourselves.

You need an action plan. I am sure you have heard “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  It is time to find some new skills to put into action and make a commitment to change so that you can reach your goal of having a balanced life.

I challenge you to do some self-care today and then CELEBRATE it!  What will you do?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Balancing Work and Motherhood


Are you a mom that works outside of the home?  Maybe you are a stay at home mom but are thinking about a part time job?  Extra money for the kids activities?  A vacation?  As a new consultant told me “I wanted to wear clothes that didn’t have baby smell (the bad kind) on it once in awhile”.  But then you are wonder “how can I balance it all”, right?

The truth is that there is no magic formula but there are tons of women out there who have learned to do it successfully.  I am not going to tell you that you won’t sometimes fell like “When I’m working, I feel like I should be with my kids. But when I’m with my kids, I feel like I should be working.”  But that twinge of guilt doesn’t stop us from striving for success in both work and as a mom.  All of the mom-preneurs that I know, tell me that “what they’re doing now is the most rewarding thing they’ve ever done. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s worth it.”

Here are some common themes among the successful working moms:

1. Have a plan.  Whether it is a tech gadget or  paper, a planner is a KEY to balance.  All appointments, kid activities, work hours in one spot so that every knows what it is going on. The gift of direct sales is that you can set aside hours that fit around everyone’s schedule.  If you are with a home party company, set aside the nights that you are going to “party” ahead of time.  If you just wait for time to happen, it never will.

2. Work with your family, not against them. For me, working away from the home was easier when my daughter was smaller.  Sending her to day care each day allowed me time to work.  Even 1 day a week allows you the opportunity to work your business.  As my daughter got older and I worked from home, my office hours were when she was in school.  Then while she was doing homework, I did some computer work.  She even helped out sometimes with stamping envelopes, folding fliers or shredding paper.

3. Think nap to nap, not 9 to 5.  If #3 is not an option, break out of the 9-to-5 office hours’ tradition. Your hours as a mompreneur might start before your family wakes up, continue during nap times and go into the wee hours of the night. Prioritize appointments that need to be accomplished during the traditional day time hours. But understand that e-mail, filing, reading, and a lot of your other office tasks can be done at any hour of the day or night.

4. Suzy Homemaker who?  Let go of your need to be Martha Stewart. Your priorities are your family and then your work. Choose your priorities–your kids will care more that you’re there!  I have always said, my house is neat but the “dust bunnies” are always welcome.

5. Stay focused, and don’t get sidetracked. One of the hardest things for work-at-home moms is getting sidetracked by children, laundry, dishes…well, you name it. Make a list each week of what you intend to get done then break it down by day.  If you stay focused, you can stay committed to getting things done.

6. Take care of you. This is the most important thing!!!!! Realize now that there will never be enough time in the day to get everything done. You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your family, your business and your home. Just mark it in your calendar! Schedule a time to get your nails done, have lunch with a friend or soak in a bubble bath.

Balance is the thing that we all hope to achieve yet many of us feel like it always escapes us. At the end of the day, however, acknowledge all you’ve done and all you’ve accomplished. The fact that you did it and will do it again tomorrow means to me that you’ve mastered it as well as anyone else.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Entrepreneurship and Life


TGIF!!!  Another weekend and another attempt to find balance in our lives.  It can’t just be me right?

I found an article  on Entrepreneur.com called “8 Things My Dad Taught Me about Entrepreneurship” but as always, I added my cometary.

1. Quit complaining.  How many times have we complained about “no bookings” “no recruits” or just business not being what we “thought” it would be?  Complaining solves absolutely nothing.  Believe it or not, this sets the tone for how things are going to go, opening the door for Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie.  Hit that “PAUSE” button when you hear a complaint coming out of your month and change it to something productive.

2. Appreciate what you have.   Are you content or do you appreciate what you have?  For a long time, I thought that these were the same.  When I say “I am content”, I actually get complacent and stop reaching for my goals.  When I appreciate what I have, I have gratitude but still am willing to strive to reach my goal.  Which are you?

3. Frame and control your message. Can you turn negative concerns into positive attributes almost magically?  If you can, chances are your hostess, party guests and customers LOVE you.  When I take the focus off of my needs (sales, bookings, recruits) and focus on someone else, I can change a negative into a positive.

4. Make time for those you love. Okay, so this is where the balance starts to come in.  It has taken some retraining of this workaholic but I am learning that there will always be time for work.  I often struggle with this thinking that if I can’t spend hours with someone then it isn’t worth it.  The truth is, quality time and not quantity time can be just as good.  The point is that you need to make the time!

5. Give more than you take. Yup, this one I have down pat.  I love to help everyone, often at the expense of my business. There, I said it.  The devil loves to create an internal battle for me though.  Am I giving it away which de-values what I do or is it truly a random act of kindness?  Finding the balance for me is tough and always has been.

6. Wake up early. Thankfully, I work better in the early AM.  The problem is that most of my customers are not up that early in the AM.  If you are a mom, you know all about this one.  These are probably the only quiet hours that you will have in a day.  I find that if I get things done in the morning, I have afternoons free to spend with family and friends.

7. Nurture close relationships. I don’t have a great number of friends but I have a few that have been around for a long time.  What about you, do you take your closest colleagues or best friends for granted? They require just as much attention and respect as your family. 

8. Watch your cholesterol and your mind. I would rephrase this to “maintain a healthy diet and stay active“. I have found that as a mom (or a business owner), we tend to take care of everyone else and seldom find time to take care of ourselves.  Not good for finding balance in our work and business life.  Take a 10 minute break during the day for a walk outside, or a power nap or just to clear your hear and gain new perspective.

What are your best tips for finding balance with work and your life?  Share them with us

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Truths Not Shared


The best laid plans go out the door….. Remember when I said that hubby and I were scheduling office hours for me?  That worked great for about two weeks THEN we didn’t compare our schedules.  For some reason this week has been a struggle.  The lack of accountability to my hubby seemed to throw me into a tail spin.  Was it that or could I blame it on some health issues?  Either way, I don’t feel as productive as I have the past two weeks.

I saw a great blog by Traci Bild who I actually had the privilege to meet at the Mom Grows a Business Conference.  She talked about the “7 Truths that Women are Afraid to Share“.  Here awesome excerpts, see if any of them apply to you:

1. We’re Guilty, like ALL the time: WOW!  I thought I was the only one that del like this, so nice to know that I am not alone.  Most of the time, I just feel guilty about silly stuff – according to hubby.  The word “sorry” is something that I say a lot and most of the time it is for stuff that I can’t even do anything about.

2. We WORRY about EVERYTHING: There is never enough time in the day and no matter how hard you try, you will never get everything done. There is simply too much to do.  Is your To Do List way too long with things that could probably be done with the help of others?

3. We’re Letting our Health Slip:  Thankfully, I don’t have a serious illness but I do let my health concerns slip.  After nursing hubby back to health last year, I focus on him and his appointments.  The thing is when he starts to focus on health concerns he has for me, I just push them away saying “I am fine”.  Sound familiar?

4. Our Work-Life Balance Looks Like a 2-year-old on a Balance Beam: A nice term, most women simply can’t strike it. So busy living life, you don’t have time to work ON your life and find ways to create balance.  I LOVE this as a recovering workaholic.  My feeble attempt to work on this balance was to take the notifications off of my phone so the only time it “rings” is for an actually call OR a text message.  Novel concept huh?

5. Our love lives are on the Back Burner:  GUILTY!  Enough said.

6. We are in Constant Comparison Mode:  From my ability to maintain my goal weight, to the amount of dust bunnies taking up residence behind the couch to my business compared to others…this is me to the hilt!  Social media plays a factor in this craziness for me which is why I have left groups, unfollower people and just try to limit my time on Facebook.  Forget about the other forms of social media, I don’t even check them.   Spend more time living your life than watching others live theirs.  

7. We’re Still Not Happy!: The end result is that people are not happy. While women have more opportunity than ever before, we are more unhappy than at any other time in history. You have the power to create happiness but that requires tough decisions, laser focus on your priorities and standing by them at all cost.

So, how many of these truths are you?  Let’s be honest with each other…Just for today, I am going to focus on me, my business and spend some quality time with hubby (who took an extra day off).

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!