Hope Wissel

Some Favorite Products

As the days get closer to Mother’s Day, our 2nd Anniversary and my birthday – all of which are in May; the big question is always what do you want for _________?  So, I thought I would share some my top favorite products and their websites..

1.  My NEW favorite clothing line is Quenchwear!  I mentioned it yesterday but I LOVE it.  I ordered a few pieces but I am thinking that I will need a few more to mix and match.  For those that know me – I love comfortable and am NOT a dress up kind of person.  This line is perfect

2.  I have become a new fan of Mary Kay makeup.  Annamarie has been GREAT helping me to find a color that I like.  I have switched from Bare Minerals to the Mary Kay minerals – AWESOME.  Try it for yourself.

3.  Over the winter my hands were rough and dry.  Hubby even complained which is something that he seldom does.  So with the help of Maggie at Beauticontrol, I now have soft hands.  I know that they have more skin care products but this is my first daily routine for my hands.  

4.  Names On the Jersey Shore has a few things that I have been looking at and thinking about. Check Susan out on Etsy.  I would load pictures but I have yet to figure out how to do this when I am blogging.  Susan’s writings on the beach are done right here at the Jersey Shore.  I LOVE her sea glass necklaces and earrings too.  The fact that she has two of my favorites – an angel and my name with sea glass is also a plus.  

5.  Hungry Girl recipe books…..you can never have enough.  I use a lot of these recipes and tips as I continue on this Weight Watcher journey.  Simple and good – hubby even likes some of them so that is a true testimony about the tasty recipes.

6.  Toms – my daughter has been wearing these for awhile but I have just started checking them out.  I love the wedges but I am not sure how this “old lady” would do in 3 inch wedges.  I mean I wouldn’t want to topple over while walking. I do like their classic styles too – they even have a PINK pair.  They might have to be on my list to pack when I head to National Conference in HOTLANTA.

I have more products/ companies that I love along with some wonderful friends who are in business that I will share as time goes on.  Have a ThityOne-derful day.